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Wyrmrest Accord
After many years communing with the Elements, Dromtar has returned to Orgimmar to take up the banners of the Horde and Sundered Skull one more. He sees his beloved Horde full of strange new races and people, and wishes nothing more than to live out his remaining years in the company of his brother and sister Orcs.

((If you're looking for some old school non-Maghar Orc RP, hit me up, I'm always up for RP and helping build the Orc community to the heights it once was.))

Happy to see you around! Used to know you back during Wrath when I mained a troll, seemed a good guy then. Good luck stoking the fires of Orc RP.
Thank you!
Just saw you in Org. Good dude this guy

Non Ma'ghar? >.> An orc is an orc and all orcs are better then any elf, dead thing, goblin, or panda.

Also good luck :D
Now there's an Orc I've not seen in a long time, since before Orgrimmar got its facelift if memory serves. Aka'magosh, old chieftain. Welcome back.
Thanks Kayn. Once I get my bearings and a handle on the current lore/meta I'd love to do some RP with you.

Gorgrosh, it's good to be back. The Spirits called me in the middle of the Cataclysm and compelled my service for an amount of time I couldn't anticipate. The return, while never certain, was sure a long time in coming.

Grumaar, I originally founded the guild for traditionalist Orcs who were trying to come to grips with the changing Horde and their Fel-tainted past, well before the Mag'har/Iron Horde story was even a thing and I want to continue that. Dromtar's an old pre-taint Orc and veteran of all three wars who was called to give up his warrior ways and serve the Spirits to heal his people. He knows what it is to be a Mag'har and would rather leave them to their own so he can focus on his calling of providing for those who drank the blood of Mannoroth or were born after the Wars Against the Alliance.

I disagree that an Orc's an Orc as both types have gone through very different circumstances. To be completely frank, there are so many Mag'har out there that I want to give folks looking to play traditional Orcs a home to explore the greenskin side without having to worry about internal conflicts with Mag'har.

That's not to say that in the future Drom's outlook may change and Mag'har may start finding their way in, but Drom's and the clan's narratives will have to evolve first. For example, I just had a great conversation with Kayn, and he sounds like a perfect fit based on what I found of his story. But, to stay true to the RP and try to be a good RPer and take the right amount of time for the narrative to progress, it'll have to be no Mag'har for now.

We are all better than any elf, any day of the week though. :)

So yeah, I guess this means the Sundered Skull Clan is recruiting.

Oh yeah, orcclan, sunderedskullooc, and sosooc are still open channels. Feel free to stop by and chat. Let your friends know about it too so we can all have some OOC chats and get to know each other better.

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