Paladin Strength of Mounted Speed

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Heart of the Crusader looks extremely lackluster when compared to what it once was (Crusader Aura). It also doesn't stack with other effects, which allows other players to use items and guild perks to trivialize what is supposed to be a strength of the class.

While buffing the speed increase would probably be a bad idea, I think a solid change would be to adjust Heart of the Crusader so that it also allows the Paladin to mount up with no cast time. It's a small change that wouldn't have a tremendous effect on gameplay, but is enough of an adjust that players would feel the difference when playing their Paladin.

It would also help to alleviate some minor QoL issues for the bigger Paladin races with large mounts by allowing the Paladin to dismount, run past whatever low-hanging obstacle may be in their way, and get back to their mounted speed without the delay of cast time.

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