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Brother it aint even a question, Dwarves are the most badass of all the alliance races, no question. I miss the days when Ironforge was the true capital of the alliance before they kept adding more portals and transmog options to that Disney land set we are forced to endure now.

For fury, DWARF all the way, we fit the fury fantasy!

I'm a fan of humans, specifically because I'm a transmog fiend, and think armor/weapons look best on human males. They also have the best bloodthirst animation. Dwarves/Dark Iron are a close second, but their bloodthirst animation drives me insane. Turning your back to the enemy for a full second like that? Doing 3/4 of a spin but not finishing it? God I hate that animation, DI look so great though.
I have always thought male humans looked awesome as warriors, even animation wise. For some reason, female Worgen look badass also. :-)!
...I miss the days when Ironforge was the true capital of the alliance...

I started off Ally a long time ago and I gotta say...I got a little emo when I read that. So many days/nights hanging out in IF between the AH and the bank, just running around with friends. <3
One of us...

One of us...

Be a gnome warrior who just start swinging those big weapons around like crazy.
This guy! :^)
I vote gnome. I love seeing gnome warriors. They inspire me.
Nothing is more fun than being a little ball of steel and fury charging into battle.

Gnome rage is the best rage.
Yea, I understand the idea of going Fury, but I really much prefer Arms. BTW - I feel undead is the best race to play ;)
quick question , what allied races do you have ?

i do seem to remember gnomes were up there on dps ranks per race but i dont know.
Min-maxing is for the plebs, go for looks.

Worgen have the best animations, just transmog their helm into a headband, monocle or anything that does not cover your head, everything clips through.

Dwarves are next because they look great in plate and they fit the lore perfectly.

Draenei look good on plate but I do not like their combat animations or sounds.

Gnome + Noggenfogger for PvP fun. My only problem with them is how they swing back and forth when "standing still".

Humans are boring. Their transmogs look good since it's the base race for every design, but everything else about them is bland.

Night Elves are for normies. And the males have that stupid demon-hunter wannabe fighting stance.

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