Trying to get Class Hall Mount.

I boosted this character in the middle of Legion. I was Alliance, switched to Horde then went back to Alliance for BFA. I would love to get the Shaman class mount but i am stuck.

After a very extensive amount of research I know I need to complete the achievement "Breaching the Tomb" I am on the "Champions of Legionfall" part. In order to unlock this part I need to complete the Class Hall Campaign. I've completed all the orange quests I could find including all class artifact weapons. Any help I could get to help me towards the right direction would be great. Thank you!

Edit: I have an Alliance alt that has comepleted all the chapters and is revered/exalted with all reputations.
For the class mount, what another character has done has NO bearing as both the class hall achieve and the Breaking the Tomb achieve must be completed on each character that wants the class mount. I know this as I have gotten or started every class mount.

Now as to the questing part: have you made sure that you turned on seeing 'Trivial Quests'?
For the Class Hall - how many champions do you have at the moment? And which ones? It will tells us where you are in the class hall campaign. Or if you would rather use those answers to look thru the list of quests here:

It is a comment by a poster named BoxofBeer and gives some good info. Combining that with a quest checker from either wowhead or icy-veins will help narrow down where you are.
Thank you!

So should I just go ahead and complete all the story chapters in each zone?

I have the first 2 Followers.

EDIT: I Figured it out, Thank You!!!

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