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I used to main ret in legion, I loved it! It was versatile, had great utility such as bop, freedom, and did decent amounts of aoe and single target damage! Sure, we had great damage advantages, but we also had plenty of mobility disadvantages, making us more balanced.

Now we're just an average healers training wheels, and lets face it- nobody sees the need for a ret in m+ or pvp. The only situation I would bring a ret to a m+ is where I have a weaker healer, or on certain affixes like bursting/grievous. Sure I have saved a wipe from off healing, but we're the scuffed version of an off healer, we oom in 3 Flash of Light's, and lose a substantial amount of dps using word of glory.

Today, I joined an rbg team on my ret (and i'm not a horrible pvper, not a rank one player, but have some modest achieves from legion), and I was the laughing stock of this 1800 group - "Hah, why would we have a Ret Paladin" "GG, we lose- we are carrying a ret". I will literally be in the midst of a team fight, and do the lowest damage of the group, even executing my rotation to perfection!

So, if ret is garbage in pvp, and pve- why don't I see substantial buffs on PTR WoWhead notes for ret?

Currently, on a single target fight, with on use burst trinkets, and wings, I will top dps meters for a solid 20seconds, pulling 25k dps at 368 ilvl. When i'm all out of holy power, there is a ridiculous down time, and I drop rapidly to the bottom of the meters.

No, this isn't a post about how ret is the poor left out spec. I'm well aware that there are many specs that require attention, but being an ex-ret main, I am passionate about my class/spec, and would love to return to being a viable choice for any group.

Some possible buffs:

Make Blessing of Kings, and Wisdom available to multiple targets, not just two insignificant buffs.
Give us a Blessing of Spell-Warding.
Make the pvp talent for Blessing of Freedom speed increase, baseline.
Make cleans toxins to all party members, baseline.
Make Judgement multi target.
Get rid of Retribution passive, it's stupidly situational and isn't a baseline, consistent damage buff. Besides, if your healer dies, and you're the only one who can cast a heal, I can promise you won't be focused on dpsing, you'll be focused on off heals.
Reduce the CD of HoJ, and make that baseline, not a talent.
Make the blinding light talent more of a viable choice.

Now, i'm not saying we need all of these, but it's a desperate cry out for some attention. Ret needs some serious work. Paladin and Ret is one of the most popular classes/spec's in the game. If Blizzard really cared about their consumers, you think they'd want people to enjoy playing their favourite classes. Not the case with poor ol' Retti Spaghetti.

Also, if you're posting and crying about ret being fine, you need to do some very easy research.

I'd love to hear what changes you'd like to see happen to ret, hopefully we can get the attention from a blue poster, and feel heard.

Yours Sincerely,

The Spaghettiest Retti of all.
11/14/2018 02:05 AMPosted by Ayespy
Paladin and Ret is one of the most popular classes/spec's in the game.
And here you have the problem. They have no incentive to fix ret, because of the high representation. People play paladin, no matter how weak they are. Maybe it's the bling.
* Losing so much cleave and AoE was a big nerf in mythic+ and RBG's.

* Ret utility is either for babysitting a mediocre healer (WoG, LoH, Wisdom) or highly situational (Cleanse, BoP). It's certainly not bad, but you can't plan around it the same way you can Darkness, an AoE stun, etc. We also don't have a raid buff, which as a paladin I find very strange.

* Cleave and mobility (and to a lesser extent AoE) are intended weaknesses. What, then, are Ret strengths? I'm talking about strengths that are solid enough to make real groups out there in the real World of Warcraft excited to bring a Ret Paladin. I don't know what that would be in regard to mythic+, but Ret should really have an RBG focused PvP talent or two. Start by removing the greater blessing requirement on Vengeance Aura, but that's not nearly enough.

* The Ret passive is dumb.

* Downtime is not fun. I also don't like how our rotation is so centered around Templar's Verdict that even BoJ hits like a wet noodle.

* Some idiot is going to come in here and say their spec is even worse. Congrats, but that doesn't mean Ret is in a good state.

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