The Dead Spin

Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
Well this is the end. You pulled it off Ion. You drove a die hard player away. Hope you're proud of yourself. When people ask what killed WoW... your name is going to be the first that comes up.

Honestly, I could do a better job than your entire class dev team after being the grinning recipient of an icepick lobotomy.

So, as it is not my style to just go quietly into the night. As my final act here I'll lay out just how monumentally stupid your decisions have been, and how you killed the fun for so many players.

Little backstory. I started playing in Vanilla, shortly before the paladin overhaul patch. Love the game. I've been everything. From a hardcore raider in vanilla, to casual as life demanded it of me. I've had long stints where the economy has kept me from playing all together and stints where I just didn't like the game's current content and did other things.

Through all that I loved the game, and when life would let me I played. Being a WoW player was never a choice. If I could be, I was. Cause I had faith in the company that they would continue giving us a fun way to relieve stress.

Let's go over the parts of wow that are currently good, and currently bad, and why it isn't the bad things that are driving me off.

What's good:

The story: Top notch. I'm going to keep up with what happens with Zappeh Boi, cause that's going to be interesting.

The World: Your world design team is top notch as well. Always loved the world.

What's bad:

The systems design: Azerite gear is a great idea, but with horrible execution. And you know it. But as usual you refuse to scrap anything cause your texas sized ego tells you THAT will make you look bad. Well guess what, your mismanagement does that every day of the week.

The Class Design: Here's the big one. Class design isn't a dumpster fire. It's a diaper hurricane. You didn't drop the ball, you ate it. Then you had the gall to make vague insinuations that its 'our problem' and that we're 'bad players'. We tell you time and again this needs more attention than azerite, and time and time again you get in front of a camera, act like the king handing down knowledge from on high, and tell us we're stupid behind a thin veil of faux civility.

And lastly: You. You are the biggest problem. The buck stops with you Ion. You are the lead dev. If something's wrong, its because you didn't take steps to fix it. I don't want to hear 'its hard' or 'its complicated'. Cause I honestly don't care. You weren't hired to do an easy or simple job. You were hired to do an incredibly difficult one. And if you can't cut it, which clearly you can't. You shouldn't be doing it. But as usual Ion is the smartest guy in any room Ion happens to be in, so the problem can't be you right? Wrong. Not only should you no longer be drawing a pay check, you shouldn't have been hired in the first place.

The bottom line:

All of that stuff, and your blatant incompetence aren't why I'm leaving. It's the culture at Blizzard, which every day looks more and more like EA. People who under perform or blatantly insult the community remain with the company, and move up despite sub par performance. But hey, the shareholders and your Activision overlords still get to buy sports cars, so who gives a crap about the people playing your death-spiraling game.

The world is great, the story is great. But NONE OF THAT MATTERS if the vessel through which you experience that great world is garbage.

The real reason why I'm leaving:

It's simple. It's not the mechanics, the gameplay, or even you Ion. Its that I have lost faith in your ability to make a game that is fun. You lost the fun, and that wouldn't be a deal breaker normally. Its that you lost it and I don't see you ever pulling your head out of your butt long enough to find it again. THAT is why I unsubbed, and why I will not be resubbing so long as you remain at Blizzard.

It's not worth it. It's not worth putting up with the insult, the poor performance, and the staggering lack of consideration.

To everyone else:

It's been fun. I've made a ton of lifelong friends playing this game and I am honestly grateful for that. But I'm just not the kind of person to let someone piss on my head and call it rain. I'm out. If Ion ever leaves I might come back. But I just don't have any faith in him, and that's a deal breaker for me.

See you on the flip side... thanks for the memories.
I agree in every point except azerite being good on paper. Set tiers were just simply better. Might have been cookie cutter, but we are playing around optimal azerite anyway.

So, any good MoP servers to recommend?

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