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Looking for people to play with. Sadly I started a group that took off and had about 10 active people but life took over and people disappeared. Looking for a new home now, some new friends and adventures. Please hit me up if interested! I love all aspects of the game. Looking forward to hearing from ya!
Last year about this time, I was in the exact same position. All my friends had quit WoW for various reasons, my guild had blown up, and it was pretty lonely. By the time I was making posts like that I'd been completely alone for over a year. Then I found an WoW fan art streamer, and through her our RL who is also a streamer, and through them both, a pretty amazing guild.

We're 8/8H 2/8M Uldir now and raid Tue/Thurs/Mon 7:30-9:30pm CST with an alt raid on Saturdays, but we're not just a raiding guild. We're not even just a WoW guild; our members play all sorts of games together from OW & D3, to non-WoW games like PUBG. The guild has been around (with the same leadership!), since Vanilla.

If you're interested, here's an old recruitment post from my guild, but the contact info is still valid: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759648046#post-1

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