Are there any blust pets other than nether?

For non BM, cuz I really thing the nether rays are ugly af. There is a lot of seemingly out dated info on pets circling google so I am not sure what to trust. It can also get confusing with so many pets and recent changes.

I could settle for the passive leech my BM hunter gets with his devilsaur exotic, if that is possible on MM?
All ferocity pets have lust. has all the pet info you could ever want.
10/23/2018 08:36 PMPosted by Rakarah

Go here and uncheck Cunning, Tenacity and Exotic. The page should look like this:
10/23/2018 08:14 PMPosted by Aerydanas
All ferocity pets have lust.

This and they also have Predator’s Thirst (leech). So... you’ve had it all along with your ugly nether ray.

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