Is shadow priest worth a try in 8.1

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Is shadow priest worth a try in 8.1 with those changes that are in PTR? It seems that it that those changes are what priest will get until next expansion.

What are your thoughts?
Dunno. But if I dont see meaningful changes to spriest and enhance/elemental I'm gone too. Those classes weren't done for expansion launch and I'm sure in the hell not going to wait another 2 or 3 months for the next patch
They're talking some changes but I'm still not happy. Mobility is still crap and Void Form is still there. They think a slight DPS buff is going to fix the spec but it's not.

Stay mage, bruh.
Gave it a try, still sucks xD
Priest feedback from the PTR is resounding and unanimous. "Meh."
Let me save you from yourself. No.
Don’t pick up spriest until they fix the rotation problems otherwise you are going to be severely disappointed. Also if you want to M+ don’t even bother it’s pretty meh there too.

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