[H] Aerys - 8/8H 1/8M (Wed/Thurs)

Aerys is recruiting!

We are open to discuss any potential merges.

Raid Times

Wednesday 8pm - 10:30pm ST
Thursday 8pm - 10:30pm ST

About us

We are a mature and competitive guild made up of ex-hardcore raiders who no longer have the time to raid 3 days a week due to RL and work. We still aim for AOTC each tier and try to push as far as we can into Mythic content in our 2 day raid schedule.

We also have members who regularly run high M+ keys every week.

Who we are looking for

Players who know how to play their class well, pull their weight and can pick up on mechanics quickly.

People who always try to improve.

Punctual and consistent players - being on time and able to attend raids. We are all adults and understand work and RL takes priority. We just require prior notice if anything pops up.


Ranged DPS

All exceptional players are welcome. (Raiders or M+ runners)

Contact us

PM in game:

Battle Tag:

i am a senior member of <Tribo> and we are currently on a rebuild, and are open to various options. If you are open to talking, please contact me through my bnet rapthefro#1218 or message me in game.

Still looking for more!
Still looking for all exceptional players.

Willing to take in all
LFM ranged! Hit me up
Updated prog, LFM ranged for our core and all are welcome for M+!

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