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Blizzard rushed the Demo out, as I predicted. I have read a lot of ideas of what will make it into actual launch, but I have a theory.

Surely, others have noticed that they have to be signed into the current client to access the Demo. I had to log in to the current client and select in a panel my name with Classic listed.

Is it possible this is one of the only things from the Demo that will make it to launch though? Is Blizzard merely introducing us to how we will access Classic when it goes live?
they probably rushed the demo really fast so they could get more sales for blizzcon via. the virtual ticket
The demo is an indication that they aren't aiming to launch a classic version of WOW, but rather an emulation of it.

Their whole speal about "We're making sure its up to our current standards" means that they're just trying to emulate classic with an 8.0 code base, not updating a vanilla code base.

If this falls through, then hopefully the new DMCA loophole will allow people to run emulated servers of a long dead game.
Blizzard made this demo to see how many changes they can get away with. Hopefully they understand how far away the line in the sand is.

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