World of n00bcraft.


The great thing about real life is you have around 80 years to "git gud". Finite time to practice is the difference maker in who is better vs who at whatever they compete. When you start life with 0% knowledge the game is also completely fair.

People who depend and demand on more things to execute are the true n00bs. We continue to see this trend at major tournaments like Blizzcon where big time corps priority is catering to the mass n00bs. If this wasn't the case then just like addons aren't allowed you wouldn't be seeing teams and their players next to each other and on top using mic to communicate.

Now that would've been much more interesting to watch, especially if the game is already so pruned to the point it's about comp RNG and who will get lucky to be the one with comp advantage, but of course these things never happen because n00bs do need voice communication and pruned games to believe they are actually good when the reality is quite opposite.

In early 2000 also cheating in gaming was not as a problem as in the past decade due to the advances in programming and overall technology as well as human knowledge growing with such technology. We've seen far less effort from game producers at securing their games as that requires more $/resources.

The saddest thing is that probably not a single one of those n00bs at Blizzcon publicly suggested voice communication to be banned for an opportunity for a higher skill cap and overall a better competition at least if not for this but next Blizzcon. It's like nobody wants a game that's more difficult to play and master.
A boomer using the word n00b literally breaks my back that’s how much cringe there is
look guys, it's trying to communicate.
just here to waste my time
I would say this is funny, but it isn't.

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