Watercooler with Uncle Holinkal

Oh hi Holinka, o/, welcome back.

Ummmm.... can we maybe get a nice long PvP Dev water cooler break? There's still some questions that need to be answered, like...

1. When is the actual release date for BFA?

2. Can you draw as a MS paint stick figure master piece explaining how item level scaling works in PvP right now?

3. No, wait, I'd actually like to know. Can you give a detail explanation, with examples, on how scaling in PvP actually works? Specs in greens are still doing absurd amounts of damage in certain circumstances.

4. When will PvP traits become BiS for PvP?

5. What are these new PvP trinkets in 8.1 and how do you plan to balance them?

6. What is being done about class "X." (Class X design is awful (fill in the blanks))

7. What is being done to better communicate how certain PvE items work in PvP environments? This includes things such as trinkets and traits. How do we know that something is nerfed by 30,50, or even 90% in PvP without tracking down month old hotfixes? (Wouldn't a blanket nerf be better?)

8. Will we ever see a 5v5 Brawl?

9. Will we see new mounts, titles and rewards given to 2v2 and RBGs?

10. Will the Vicious Saddle make a return? And will I get to ride an armor Kodo Dragon someday? (In real life too)

12. What's up with the Post season we heard about in Legion? Will the next season not start till the beginning of Jan. with the new raid?

13. When will we see actual PvP talent revamps? Lots of dead ol' talents that no one ever takes. Adding 1-2 new ones is great, but that's not doing anything to help with the 4-5 bad ones.

14. Will we see a nerf or removal of relentlessness and adaptation (everyone gets trinkets again baseline) and open up a 4th slot for more pvp talent choices?

15. Fel Eruption can't be displed, is physical, but isn't removed with BoP, what's up with that?

16. Whatever else you wanna talk to us about would be cool too, keep is casual.

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