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Looking for active guild to call home while leveling up and for future raiding. Re-rolled Horde toon from Alliance main to find a server/guild closer to my timezone. Speccing boomkin/resto druid. Mainly looking for social, casual, fun people. Can contact me via bnet (cleo#11933) or discord (cleo#0224). Thanks!
Hey! <Umbra> is 8/8N 7/8H and is recruiting :) We raid Fri/Sat 8-11pm Pacific and we do lots of Mythic + in our free time. Let me know if you're interested; you can add me at Hotbed#1974
<LökTar>[H] on Hyjal is currently recruiting. We're looking for 5 DPS(Spriest, DK, Mage, Warrior specifically with a couple of spots for others), 1 DPS w/Tank OS, and 1 healer (Druid or Monk). Currently 7/8 H and 8/8N. We do our best to keep the guild drama free, so we do value personality as well as skill. Our raid times are Tue & Wed 7pm-10pm pst We are not a hardcore raiding guild however we are looking for raiders to put their best foot forward as we value everyone's time. If you're interested please fill out an application at https://form.jotform.com/LoktarHyjal/loktars-application or feel free to contact an officer Rasi#1419 (Doubltap GM) or Amuyaa#1723 (Amuyaa Co-GM).


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