370 iLvl Mage 4/8H lf guild

I am looking to transfer back to Horde-Barthilas and looking for a guild that needs a mage to get AOTC with. Msg me @gnorgen#1875 or reply here. I can do any day at any time, Thanks
Here at <Oath> (Horde on Barth) is looking for a mage such as yourself, hit me up with an add @ Neph#11453 and we’ll get you that aotc ;)
Hey Hurvok,

I just added you. I have a guild in Barthilas horde and we are 8/8 H and 2/8M we currently running allt Heroic raids to get everyone who missed our main guild run AOTC. Bnet: kira980#6175

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