FYE Recruitment

FYE Contains yet not limited to: Disorderly conduct, violence, attempted murder, gambling, foul language, naked raiding, gang activity, promiscuity, alcohol consumption, and explicit sexuality. We'd prefer 18+ with a sense of humor and will to progress.

Raid times are wed/thurs @9pm realm time. Right now we do not currently have a core raid team. I am recruiting everything so that i can build one up to begin raiding within the guild.

This is not a new guild however we are formly new to the realm having xfered right before the release of BFA. With that being said literally all of my friends within the guild stopped gaming due to IRL, dislike with the new expan, etc. Thus leaving me the GM to rebuild the guild solo on a new realm.

The guild currently has 220 members with few socialist , lvlers , alts and solo gamers. I am looking for proactive gamers that have the will to progress and run mythics , raids , RBG, and wpvp. Along with partaking in guild events such as battle bots,naked raid nights, old school runs for mounts and xmogs, xmog contest, possible fight club, Death races through alliance captials, plus more with the consumption of alcohol.

Hit me up in game if this sounds like something you fit into and we can talk .

Siyue GM Siyue#11718

BUMP looking for socially proactive casual gamers to fill our roster. Hit me up in game if this fits your needs :)

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