Looking for a guild (new to the game)

Hey! I finally made the choice to join this huge game and I'm very excited about exploring the world. I'm not really looking for guidance, because I really find it satisfying to learn things on my own pace and I'm not rushing to the end game. Not sure if I'm typing this in the right place, but I decided to create character on Dalaran server since I heard good things about it!

I'm looking for a guild which has an active community (I'm very social person :)), doesn't have to be huge guild with hundreds of members. I want to get to know the people from the guild and form friendships :)

See you in game!
Hi and welcome the game! The ancients misbehaving is a casual and social guild not huge nor to small but have folks who are social.

The ancients misbehaving is a guild of folks who want to be a part of a social and casual guild.

Our goal is to have fun in the game so we are looking for others who want to make friends in game.

We have folks who like to pvp, do mythic and mythic+ and old content for achievements.

We raid Wed and Mon from 8:30 to 11:00pm est. We are not a hardcore progression raid group so if that is what you are looking for we are not that. We are looking for folks just want to have fun getting bosses down. We are not always first of fast and we don't want drama.

We are also a lgbt friendly guild!

If you are interested contact Jenkayah Battlemom#1568 and we can chat

<Moon> is recruiting! We are social centric guild that also pushes heroic progression, looking for more fun than hardcore gameplay. We don't have any requirements - new, old, returning, or low level players are welcome. Being social in this game is what keeps it worth it.

There are a lot of helpful people in the guild that would be willing to help you learn the game, myself included.

Now, we're not perfect - we're not busting at the seams active, but we are focusing on trying to bring more life into the guild and present more events and community-oriented ideas and fun to our friends.

A lot of our guildies stream, so I've got some clips highlighting the type of group we are and what fun (trouble) we like to get into:
https://tinyurl.com/y8ngskhb (language!)

You can find more information about us here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20767627892

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions! My Discord is Kikat#9541 (not kitkat!), and my Btag is Jansither#1479.
Hello Fiannah,

We are a dual faction guild welcoming community-minded members. We are family friendly (PG13) and provide a non-discriminatory environment with friendly players and mature officers.
We provide dual faction Discord, guild repairs, raffles, raiding, PvP and smiles. Rank advancement based on participation and just overall friendly attitude.

Pensive strives to be mature and chill guild where guildies get away from stressors of real life. As such, we keep chat clear of vulgarity, begging for speed leveling, gold, carrying, politics, religion, and other toxic topics.

We are laid back in the respect that all members play what they want - how they want, when they want - with the same full guild support, friendship and camaraderie as any Raider or Leadership Member. Members are helpful, kind, supportive and fun. Leadership and Officers are mature and responsive.

Please read our forums post, full of positive reviews: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20760768485

Horde & Alliance – Scheduled Events, Achievements, Normal/Heroic Raids, M+, PVP and old content done regularly

New: Weekly X-Faction Discord DND Group

Dual Faction Scavenger hunts

Horde Progression Team (Normal/Heroic): T/Th 9-11p Bnet grumpykitten#176290
Horde Progression Team (Heroic): Sat 12pm-3pm Bnet Briar#1421
Horde Learning Team (Normal): Sun 12pm-3 Open to all
Horde Rated BG's: Mon & Sat 6-7pm

Alliance Progression Team (Normal): Tues & Thurs 8pm Raid Lead Bnet Bondra#11498
Alliance Progression Team (Normal/Heroic): Fri & Sat 8pm Raid Lead flynurse#1583
Alliance (Normal super chill) Group - Sun 11am-2pm Raid Lead Bondra#11498 and Catie1140#1599
Alliance PvP - Fri 8pm
Alliance Mythic Keys - 5+ teams Wednesday Evenings

Check the link for more info on the guilds:

Alliance side:
contact a guildmember via /who Pénsive (to get the accent press alt and type 130)
Horde side:
contact a guildmember via /who Pensive
Either side:
Recruiter Bondra @ Bnet Bondra#11498
Recruiter Bayliee @ Bnet Dea#11298
Head Assistant GM Hooves @ Bnet Nocturnal87#11588
Assistant GM Aschien @ Bnet Aschien#11798
Assistant GM Katryna @ Bnet Catie1140#1599
Assistant GM Bezee @ Bnet Slizzy#1546
GM Briar @ Bnet Briar#1421

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