The Hobbit

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I've just been handed this book in class and I've never liked reading, but this book... oh man...

I've never been more excited to read something in my whole life.

Shes just gave us a reading schedule and shes shoving it down our throats

Hobbit Reading Schedule

11/14 Chapter 1 pages 1 - 27
11/15 Chapters 2 & 3 pages 28 - 54
11/16 Chapters 4 & 5 pages 55 - 90
11/19 Chapter 6 pages 91 - 111
11/20 Chapter 7 pages 112 - 139
11/21 Chapter 8 pages 140 - 170
11/26 Chapters 9 & 10 pages 171 - 201
11/27 Chapters 11 & 12 pages 202 - 233
11/28 Chapters 13 - 15 pages 234 - 267
11/29 Chapters 16 - 19 pages 268 - 305
11/30 Review
12/3 Unit Test

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Oh man. 15 days to read 305 pages? I can do that in a few hours.

It's a great book. Enjoy.
I read the entire book in a day.
The Hobbit is a very easy read, even at the elementary school level. I think I first read that in grade 4 or maybe 5. A good introduction into the world of Middle Earth for the younger reader.

Be sure to follow it up with the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings.
Reading the entire book takes less time than watching the movies.
The Hobbit is actually quite good.

It is far better than the rather horrible movies, which Peter Jackson and wife/buds made.

Lord of The Rings movie series was great, but I think it was because those books were so detailed that they had to leave some stuff OUT.

The Hobbit was basically written for a kid, first, so it is kind of "lean."

I really enjoyed it, in Senior English back in 1985. The teacher brought up a lot of stuff that I'm not sure Tolkien intended at all, but she made it a lot more interesting and deep.

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