Enhance's overall thoughts, ptr and more

I played enhance high levelish (at the line of gladiator) for years in pvp. I raided normal raids and a few higher difficulty ones. Only going a few bosses in. I have always enjoyed enhance.

I played non stop up to WoD. Didnt play WoD. Then I played one month of Legion. I was surprised what they had done to Enhance. They had completely changed the class. So i stopped played for different reasons.

I haven't missed but 2 days of BFA. I really like it. The "problems" that BFA has. Or so I read, the problems that BFA is having. I haven't experienced it to the degree the community is making out to be. Ya i am experiencing them. However it isn't as game breaking as they are leading it to be.

Okay back to Enhance. I am having a great time playing it in arena and a tad of raiding. I just finished leveling my second 120. I really like the spec. I don't like it, like i did in all the other expansions I played enhance in. Its different and took a little getting use to. But, I have to say, I still like it a lot right now. Don't get me wrong there is a ton i want changed. Like; I want my identity back!

Overcapping - Feast/famine game play is sucky, but its really only for a short duration until lightning shield fully charges. (Them taking that away is silly. I like that talent. I love passive talents. More on this later) Thats about to change. The over capping, i get it looks bad. I don't mind it especially in pvp. I want to know i have resources waiting on me when i need them.

I must also play different then everyone else in raids. I read icy-veins and my rotation tends to be a hair different. Most the time I get into a press Stormstrike, then lava lash, rock biter, lava lash, rock biter, then Stormstrike, other stuff. but it always tunnels into rock biter and lava lash back and forth. They seem to go together.

I feel starved normally only the beginning of every encounter (boss or elites) when i don't have feral spirits.

I feel the over capping concern falls from OCD people and not liking the look of it. I do understand gathering the resource and not having a "fun" way of spending it. Lava lash atm seems to be Blizzards rage dump, i mean maelstrom dump. I have always hated resource gathering and dumping builds. I don't want to think I am playing for a progress bar to then have to dump it as filler. I mean elemental atm with earth shock that does a lot of damage when you hit 60 maelstrom (pvp talent earth shock with 100 even better ;} ).

I like this mechanic. Feels rewarding.

To sum up. I don't mind the over capping. Starving and hoping on Stormbringer procs, sucks.

Lava Lash - I remember it being introduced. Was sold as a huge dmg move. I mean you are smacking folks, with a weapon that is lava coated! Whoa, ya that sounded amazing. When we got to play with it, it was. Now lava lash is our maelstrom dump??? Does pitiful damage. I feel i could go every fight and never use it. In fact, a lot of pvp matches I hardly ever use it.

Okay I think I have laid some decent ground work. I apologize if it didn't make sense. I am trying, lol.

First tier- the maelstrom generating tier, right?
Boulderfist, only makes sense if you pick landslide (tier 2). I am sure this isnt going to solve the maelstrom problem with a dmg increase. This seems to be a pvp change, I welcome tbh. This in no means helps raiding.

Hot hands is retarded. There i said it. I explained the rotation and Lava lash is a button I hate using. I feel nothing that i use to when I pressed lava lash, even with this dmg increase proc. Gimme back my old lava lash. I can give a suggestion; make something else a dump and make this the earth shock, if you will, at 60 maelstrom. This would give use a cool talent for pvp, in place of something that you just took. A big dmg and a useful reason to pick this talent. I mean i always like waiting on procs for big dmg.

Lightning Shield. Not only is it the best, its also something that has been in the game since the beginning. I want to use it for nothing more than, I have always refreshed my lightning shield. If i don't have it, i would feel naked. LOL. This type of ability is where enhance feels different. I mean; a ball of lightning rotating around your toon, thats pretty neat.
- Its an awesome mechanic, I notice this hitting 20 stacks a lot. I am starved for maelstrom and before i know it i am in the plethora randomly. Much better design then the other two.
-Taking away the maelstrom to me says... (well let me tell you about this store that is in my small town. Everyone was so excited for them to open. They advertised as a meat sandwich shop. They was going to sell rib eye sandwiches. They opened and was awesome. Well one day about two weeks into the business they stopped selling the sandwiches. The owner said he was tired of making them because he made other sandwiches and no one else wanted them. He was tired of constantly reliable money, and the business bankrupted pretty soon after.) You are making this sandwich worse to make the other sandwiches better. You doing better then the business owner i was talking about, but this is still not a great way to sell unwanted things.

Geez this is a long post....

Second Tier...
Landslide -is only makes sense if picked with Boulderfist (tier 1). In both sections seem more for pvp then pve.

Forceful winds - don't seem like a bad nerf pre-say. Probably needed, but with a 5% dmg increase... kinda seems redundant tbh. (nerf then buff is it?)

Totem mastery - I really like the idea of this talent. I have always loved totem management. Some times tedious. A lot of prep time. I don't understand why we moved away from them. I cant say this should be a talent, but as a baseline ability. This talent should extra buff the baseline ability imo.

Infact i would rework this whole tier as the totem enhance tier...

Third Tier... the tier that is for??? random things? JK a survivalish build
Spirit Wolf - I love it, i don't use it a lot. Seems more for pve encounters.

Earth Shield - whoa enhance gets earth shield. I love this talent!

Static Charge - imo useless. Maybe in top tier mythics+... but where is an enhance we can ask about that?

So this tier is summed up like this. go ghost wolf and survive better after 4 seconds, earth shield for softing damage, or something to reduce cd on damage to you every 40secs for 3 secs?

Forth Tier... this whole tier is boring, someone had to say it. Its the enhance weak ability tier
Searing assualt is fun... just underwhelming

Hailstorm... why is this pvp talent in here? NO the buff is needed, but i like fire more then ice... Now when it comes to fire and ice. Lets look at this talents like that. I am more interested in this talent doing something like searing assault. Does cold damage as a dot and have some effect like ray of frost. Slowing them more as the dot progresses. OR! make it like frost shock use to be. IF they are, what was it. 20 yds it roots them. That was cool! I miss this with a passion!!!

Overcharge- i don't want something else to be a bump of resources. Plus i lose my long range puller.

Fifth Tier... I mean Feral Lunge to death tier
Nature's Gaurdian - another pvp only talent... could be used in raids, but up time is the only way to dps...

Feral Lunge - should be baseline ability. I cant use it in pvp. I mean i could, but its not worth it. I would rather spec surviving then closing the distance.

Windwalker totem - it could be useful... This is something on paper looks good, but not as a talent. Ferals and hunters can already do this. This doesn't help shammys with anything. This is a pointless talent, especially where it is.

Sixth Tier... Aoe tier
Crashing Storm - awesome sounding talent. I want it to be worth picking though. When there isn't trash, it isn't enough dps. I like the idea of adding crash lightning into my single target dps and leaving a lightning pool that lingers. This is neat, just this needs number changes for sure. Pvp it just wouldn't be used. Nobody is going to stand in stuff long enough.

Fury of Air - I just don't want to use something that drains my resources. Especially when its ether i have to much or none at all. I would rather see that its like lightning shield that is always on when in combat. It makes other moves cost more, but not draining me starved.

Sundering - I have no complaints, just wish it was natural (dmg multiplier mainly.)not fire, or a combination of both. The animation to me looks like earth spikes is the main culprit not the line of fire that is left... just my observation.

Seventh Tier...
Elemental Spirits - I love the idea of this talent. Could you just entertain the idea of bring a third wolf out and adding all the other effects this talent already does. The randomness of this talent hurts my heart.

Earthen Spike - I have gotten use to it. I like it enough. Good flat damage increase and another longer range attack.

Ascendance - Way to long of a cd. In pvp its to much or never able to use from being cced. There is so many ways to go with this. I like the idea of Making it a passive. When you cap maelstrom and it puts you in ascendance. You get three stormstrikes (or w.e stormstrike becomes when in ascendance) and you are out of ascendance with 0 maelstrom. You know something like that.

Whew... thanks for the read. These are my thoughts. I love this spec. I may miss the mark on somethings. I am interested in what ya'll think.
To add, as in making sense wise. Static Charge (3rd teir) and Nature's Guardian (5th teir) should switch spots. Makes the teirs have a more uniform theme. I cant say I would love these changes, but the ocd in me would.

This would also make the 5th teir a terible teir period. The whole teir, with this chage, needs to be completely reworked. It in my mind is a movement teir. With the other mentionings of my post. This should be different altogether.

1st tier - maelstorm regen
2nd tier - with my idea a totem enhance tier
3rd tier - survival tier
4th tier - weak ability enhance tier
5th tier - (any ideas)
6th tier - Aoe
7th tier - Dmg CDs

Also meant to talk about the nerf to mana regen and healing in pvp. This kinda goes back to the over all theme of enhance shammys. The mana regen wasn't needed. The healing was. However I dont believe it was needed on the caster, the enhance. I think off healing to someone other than yourself needed to be nerfed.
-Enhance don't have a super strong defensive, but they was given healing. (Everyone can heal now...) In this reasoning alone, I feel healing should have not been touched to the caster. This was their defensive.
-The mana regen is extremely noticable. I get not being able to spam heals or purge. This was a choice the enhance always (for the most part) had to make, ether heal or purge. Now, it feels, on top of the other stuff in mechanics for enhance. It honestly feels stiffling.
5th tier- Group buff
Windfury Totem - 10% Windfury for melee


Wrath of Air - 10% haste


Spirit Link - 20% dmg reduction with link all hp

however it was

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