Pet with the coolest sound effects?

What pet or pet family you think has the coolest sound effects ?

Aside from Loque who has to be a top on most hunters lists. I really loved hyenas, for some reason blizzard changed their sound effects. Really lame, they use to help and sound deadly and barely make much comotion now.

Currently I'm digging the green/black cat from Argus, makes some cools sounds. Also got Humar for the first time, vanilla lions effects don't seem to get old to me. Curious which pets you guys and gals are fond of atm.
Cranes are just the best thing ever for me. They sound so unlike what you expect a deadly, dangerous beast to sound like. Specially if you go for the Pink Crane skin.
I always been fond of the original Chimera and Devilsaur sounds; it sounds like you have your own boss on your sideand the Devilsaur stomp reminds ne of the Alien boss in Doom2. I haven't checked but Chromagus also had a distinct and boss tone.
Loque'nahak has the most iconic and distinctive voice. There is no other pet that has the same extremely loud, unique roar. When Loque'nahak is in your group you know it.
Zandalari Pterrordaxes and Rylaks have amazing sound effect.
Personally love the sounds that frogs make. Especially when you click on them!
I dunno, but Rodent (my marsuul) got the Most Annoying Pet award by a tank early on in the expansion.
The puddle of flame pet have a scorching flame sound when it attack, Blizzard fix the glitch.
I would use Treble if it weren’t for his incessant barking when he’s at my side.

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