Blizzard, player Kul'Tirans are uniquely unrepresentative of their faction.

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I want my character to be tall and thicc so no thanks. It would be boring having a regular sized human representing KTs. Also, small playable characters are annoying because everything else in the world is huge for some reason.
That doesn't solve the disconnect here. Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't solve the problem.
The larger Humans are a minority. Both in-game and lore wise. There is no problem. The only reason that they are playable is simply for the sake of having options.

^ This. And most agree that more customization choices are better than fewer. All allied races are, by definition, expanded customization options. Quit griping.
TL;DR Playable Kul Tirans are so big because they are humans with drust ancestry.

I dislike the idea of fat humans and am not really fond of the models Blizzard created for then. That said the are what the are and so I needed to know the lore behind why, to satisfy my own thirst for knowledge.

As far as I could find, Gilneans migrated to the Kul Tiran archipelago many centuries ago. When they went to settle what is now Drustvar, the came across the Drust. Many Drust went to war over this, and eventually lost, but some had been peaceful and shared their knowledge, druidism and shamanism, with the humans. It also seems implied that genetics were shared as well.

Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the large Kul Tiran models, PC and NPC, are descendants of the human-drust crosses, thus making them different from all other humans on Azeroth, and a minority among even their own culture.
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Play a regular Human and RP as a Kul Tiran. Problem solved.

I'm saving this for when I see you in my High Elf thread next.

"Play a Void Elf/Blood Elf Death Knight and RP as a High Elf. Problem solved."

Who knew you held the answer for so many people!
I agree there is a distinct lack of major NPCs in KT that use the thicc model.
There are some dont get me wrong but nearly all the major ones use stormwind humans.
Kinda makes thicc humans redundant.

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