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HOW BOUT NO! He literally has thousand of comic books to immortalize him.
11/12/2018 11:52 PMPosted by Soyboy
Can we start a petition to battle res him?

Yes! A full raid party of healers to help rez this boss (like Valithria Dreamwalker in ICC or the Avatar of Sethraliss)
11/12/2018 04:12 PMPosted by Booggz
petition to be quiet about putting celebrity NPCs in the game.

Would sign this one for sure!
I'd go for this, but he can only appear during cut scenes for a brief second, as a delivery boy, or a customer, yelling out a window, etc.
Captain Lee!
11/12/2018 04:08 PMPosted by Cainn
Petition for a character to represent the late and Great Stan Lee. If you would like to see a character in World of Warcraft of Stan Lee, then comment to let Blizzard know we want one.

I always loved the ghost of the D&D creator you saw flying in the barrens. I'm down, let's get a Stan Lee ghost somewhere.
I'm for it :)
Stan Lee Schman Lee. Put Geddy Lee in the game. There is a god for you. ;-P

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