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11/13/2018 05:54 AMPosted by Abusivé
Mountaineer Naarh. He could be my twin.
A cat.

I want to see how people react ;)
I'd like it if we can make generic npcs and certain enemies our avatars
Patchwerk if possible.
Deathwing, my favorite character even before wow came out.
That gnome you rescue from the molten core beast in UBRS. I forget his name.
11/13/2018 05:52 AMPosted by Käyn
If Blizz let you pick a character from the WoW universe to be your avatar on the forums, what would you pick?

Mr. Chilly.
1. Professor Putricide
2. Lich King
3. Yogg Saron
4. Aman'Thul
5. Gul'Dan
Headless Horseman
Abby Lewis
Baby Murloc
Baby Naga (too adorable!)
I'd change frequently if possible, but I'd probably start off with Abu'gar. Why was he left behind?
Chromie of course! I just adore her.
Why would you want to pick such a disgusting image, OP?
I'll just pick whatever character I want to post on.
If we're forced to use just one picture, I'll pick my favorite character.
A random animal mob

Preferably a tiger, since my btag is Tigerclaws
Queen Moira
Kimbul, because best loa.
Arthas, and spam "Purge" in every post.
Sylvanas because #mywarchief. I like the hozen comment though that'll be my meme icon :)

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