Pet Ability Bugs

Bug Report
Firstly, autocast seems to not work for some abilities.

For warlock pets, I've discovered the felhunter's Devour Magic and Spell Lock are incorrectly unable to be set to autocast. They worked just fine in Legion, so something's gone bust since the BFA prepatch. There may very well be other pet abilities that are similarly bugged.

For hunter pets, spirit beasts are unable to autocast Spirit Shock. I'm fairly confident this worked correctly in Legion, but similarly broke in the BFA prepatch. Again, there may very well be dozens of other hunter pet abilities that are similarly bugged, but those specific ones are some I've noticed.

Secondly, tank pet aggro abilities seem to be automatically switching off in dungeons for some mind-boggling reason.

I cannot begin to say how ferociously annoying this bug is when I'm trying to solo something. No, I would not like to have to click on my voidwalker's taunt and aggro-boost passive EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to resummon him. This bug has likewise been present since the BFA prepatch.

If this is intentional, just what in the heck are you people smoking? Force-disabling abilities to make novice huntards not have to learn the most fundamental pet management skills, at the cost of inconveniencing players who have put in the minimal effort in learning how to not be a dingus when in group content? What's next, removing active mitigation abilities from tanks so complete novices don't have to learn how to play their spec? Ridiculous, which is why I think this total blunder can't possibly be intentional.

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