Reverse harm dead before it got a chance

11/14/2018 04:35 PMPosted by Resilients
11/14/2018 04:09 PMPosted by Reqy
If you don't know, or understand pvp to the level to see how this ability is amazing, don't comment.
Plenty of real WW's are around still trying to save this spec that many have decided to abandon. Let them raise issues where they actually exist.

Yeah too many people around here spreading misinformation, especially from a PVP standpoint.

I don't see how someone could look at the most recent version of Reverse Harm and go "hmm that looks like !@#$ I don't think i'll ever take it", its absurd.
I for one actually will go as far as to think that this talent will be used in most, if not all matchups.

Any sound arguement or thought process, positive or negative, should be able to hold up to criticism on the forums. I think of this as a proving grounds for my ideas and perspectives sometimes and I'm not asking if anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like reverse harm or any other honor talent but I just want to see where everyone else's mind is at. I do PvE & PvP, both sporadically, and it's easy to formulate a bias when I've wiped 400 times on a mythic boss, or lose to enh/mw, and feel like blaming my class or something. This place is all about that other perspective.
Ill take an 8% Max health heal over an instant 10k crit vivify any day of the week

WW still hot garbage though so it doesn't really matter
Return of the real expel harm I can dig it.

I will miss control the mist though. I feel like we don’t have enough self heal options as ww like we used too we should just get ctm baseline or this expel harm baseline. As far as dealing damage and doing healing and gaining chi. Definitely a way more meaningful global in combat then vivify but I still thought CTM was fun to play I had a lil macro for my team that makes to heal them and it saved them sometimes.

I don’t hate the change just hope since we only get the casted version of vivify maybe give that a little buff or something or make control the mist baseline
people are always complaining about changes and will never be happy, when the talent was first announced they complained about it because it only generated 1 chi. and said they would gladly take this talent with a CD IF it generated 2 Chi. I was completely against this due to the fact the original version replaced vivify. If it still replaced vivify this would not be a good change, but sense it no longer does this is going to be a very strong talent. I only found myself using CTM in open world questing and yolo 2s 2x DPS, i think this talent will be a good change of pace and give us somthing extra with no real major drawbacks, Do dmg, heal, and generate resources on a relatively short CD.

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