Azerite Armor emissary reward?

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I'm confused about how the emissary WQ upgrades are doled out..
My main has all 370 or above Azerite armor, and the quest rewarded a 370 piece (and an inferior outer ring trait.)

Alt 1 has 340 AA gear, and the quest only rewarded 340 (No upgrades)

Alt 2 has 345 and 340 AA, and the emissary is offering 355. (Guaranteed upgrade)

Is the reward ilevel completely random, or is it just more likely to upgrade if your item levels are lower?
It's based on your overall ilevel as to what ilevel the reward will be.

That said, good luck - since I've hit the point I can get 370 gear from emissary caches, I've gotten 5 helms, and 1 shoulder item. RNG in this expansion is just crap.
It's more likely to upgrade if your ilvl is higher. Seems like it uses some average that includes the highest ilvl you've ever looted even if you're not using that piece.

One of my alts started getting 355 at ilvl 351 as a singular example.

I feel like I saw something somewhere state that the azerite caches aren't for ilvl upgrade as much as to offer alternate azerite traits at the same ilvl.
Less than 345 you'll get 340 cache

345 to 365 you'll get a 355 cache

365+ you'll have a 370 cache as a reward.
I am 360, but all my rewards are 340. Exalted with all reps and mainly just do them for AP. The gold is terrible. Doing Legion stuff for more gold.

I have not seen an upgraded cache in months. Starting to think mine is broken.
Acordng to blue.

Every item equipped since the expansion is recorded, even if deleted.

If you have a good ring or a good trinket switch it to the other slot

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