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Before I take my break I just wanna know

Would making every single honor talent for every class baseline fix the pruning problem? Or atleast start?
I wouldn't want that. However adding a 4th slot and developing a bunch of cool new talents for every spec would be good. I'd hope they would even be open to a 5th depending on how 4 feels. 3 is definitely too few.
3 to 5 with some standard talents becoming baseline would go a long way. Talents like demonic teleport. Howl of terror has been completely removed. I’d love curse of exhaustion. There’s many ways to make classes not suck or feel bland , making good honor talents and giving us more slots to pick with would help
I think they would have to adjust some talents if they were to release the all. I think it would be over the top with the way some classes are now.

Having 1 slot dedicated to trinkets and saying its an actual slot is a joke though. They should definitely add in another slot. I'm not sure about other classes, but next patch, Void Origins is pretty much going to be automatic, just like how Void Shift is now. I think classes that have talents that are automatic every game, should be baseline. You should be able to swap out talents and use them without feeling completely gimped. If I don't pick certain talents, there's almost no reason to even be playing arenas.
Well, it would be awesome if we had a 4th honor talent to choose that wasn't reserved to be trinket (I mean trinket row + 4 more)

But moreso, we were told we were getting a "giant!" bucket ofr 30 or 40 talents to choose from and we have like 10 of them. More would allow more customization for each comp you're playing and playing against.

Along those lines we should have gotten a PvE talent for 120. No idea still why we didn't.

There are a lot of missed opportunities in this game but it's whatevs I guess...

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