Lack of TF killing Azeroth armor

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I honestly think that the lack of titan forging is the biggest problem with Azeroth gear and that it would fix almost every problem we have with it’s accessibility.
Just think why do we hate Azeroth gear? Because we cannot target it no matter how much we try.
The vendors will smooth this over, but I honestly do not think it will help that much.

So here is my rationale:
Our gear benefits from titanforging and warforging and that passively inflates our Ilvl over time, this we feel that our one piece of Azeroth gear (with good traits) is holding us down and that feels bad man.

Now imagine if you could run a mythic zero (the one that has your bis Azerite armor) and have a chance for that piece to be relevant. This would give us the ability to kind of target a specific piece and you could up your chances by running with other people of you same class.

Either make Azeroth armor titan forge or remove titan forging from the game. Having it limited to certain pieces is making the ones that can’t titan forge basically feel like trash gear.

(I would prefer you just remove titan forging, honestly)
(It might actually be easier to just add Azerite armor to the loot table of M+)
The traits are overvalued; Titanforging would just exaggerate that problem.
Titanforging in general needs to go. Keep warforging if people want, but titanforging is a serious problem. Get rid of it so getting gear actually feels good, and bring back master looter while we're at it for guild groups so guilds can properly conduct themselves.

This safe space infinite lottery is nonsense.
I'd be more for removal as well
Me want mythic 385 azerite gear for doing heroic dungeons
11/14/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Mvura
The traits are overvalued; Titanforging would just exaggerate that problem.

Its this, some specs like mine live or die by a single trait you have to have, making it so your set bonus is more powerful because of RNG would just make it harder for players to perform optimally.

Set bonuses didn't change in legion based on TF, so they would have to go back to that system, or else getting a high TF could push you above and beyond your friends and guildies just because you had luck on top of luck.

Even high TF weapons wouldn't be as useful for your damage as a high TF piece of azerite armor with ideal traits.

They don't need to fix azerite armor, they need to scrap it and go back to sets, it worked fine in legion with TF, which they won't touch at this point.

Throwing higher ilvls on azerite does not deal with the problem of azerite gear, IE the strength of a few traits making them the default while most or worthless next to these, the fact that you have to farm up an entire second set if you want to play more than one spec, since blizz doesn't want us reforging, so they made it prohibitively expensive to play 2 specs with one set of gear, etc.

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