2Locks,Mistweaver,Rogue LF 8-11EST Horde

Guild Recruitment
As in the title we have 2 locks,mistweaver, and a rogue LF a horde guild ending at or before 11est. Two nights a week is great but noting on Mondays or Fridays, would realy like tuesday-thrusday stuff. We are all 2/8M 8/8H in the 365-375 ilvl range, and would like to carry into a stable home for 8.1 and more. We all play all days of the week and enjoy mythic+ and such. We are very tired of pugging and would like to find a lasting home. No ally sorry, and we also come as 4 or not at all sorry. I'll leave my battle.net at the bottom or you can reply here if you would like. Thank you.

bnet-- Billdozer#11683

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