Mage CDs need to be undispellable

10/13/2018 07:36 PMPosted by Medani
I think just making purge more expensive across the board. Mages spellsteal (minus arcane) feel good. It drains chunks of mana. All classes should be this way (priest, shaman, etc). And I mean like sizable chunk, like how mages spellstealing is. It drains like 20% of your max mana when you purge as a mage. I think as any spec it should be like 15% at least.

Only if it's in pvp, I don't think many Alliance groups can handle Zul if you make it take all there mana away.
10/13/2018 04:19 PMPosted by Setback
Yes because of a triple stacked trait. If it was removed tomorrow do you have any idea how much of a trainwreck fire would be?

What trait? The master blaster? I actually think it's a dumb playstyle... It's not even that powerful or fun... Maybe I'm just bad >_> Oh well, I got my duelist title without using it... So obviously it's not needed.
I remember when wings could be purged.

Ah the good old days of mages spell stealing wings and blowing me up.
10/13/2018 03:57 PMPosted by Setback
Title. Gonna get hate for it since everyone detests mages but our cds need to be changed to be inline with other classes burst/defensives and be unpurgeable OR everyone else needs to join us in the spam purged club.

Off the top of my head mages and enhance shaman lust are the only purgeable cds. Which is silly when you stop and think about it. I'd rather trade some of its power and be unpurgeable or see everyone else join us.

Heck even our hot streak as fire is purgeable. Speaking for myself only I'd be more then happy to see our control reduced at the cost of improved damage, our cds changed to be unpurgable even if it ment tuning them down. Heck remove shimmer and give us deep back.

No melee offense or defensive cds are purgeable, no shaman cds are purgeable beside lust for enhance. Even now warlock cds are unremoveable. Hunter cds are physical and also not removeable. Voidform/wings also not removeable. None of the incarnates are purgeable.

So with all the changes in the course of WoW over the years. Why are we the only class left with lackluster defensives and decent offensives as the only purgeable ones?

Tl:DR. Make mage procs/cds/defensives undispellable like everyone else. Or make everyone else purgeable/tranq shot or w.e.

I would argue some should be undispellable, specialy for frostmage. Maybe.
That said. To be fair. Some Paladin spells should be undispellable too. Like freedom.

#i dont play paladin or mage. But i can see that mages and paladins have theyre Problems with some spells beeing dispellable. Its from times, where it was needet but totaly outdated to day.

There was a time, where it was important that Freedom had to be dispellable, when they had extreme mobility, and it was important that mage could steele freedom to counter. For example . But today its outdated since they littaraly do not have the uptime they used to have. In that sense, lets be honest for mages too. There was a time wehre it was important to purge ice barriere , that was a necessary counter back then. it was just needet, but now its outdated.

I think. im not pro though
10/13/2018 05:40 PMPosted by Forums
Sure. Give mages plate armor too.

They shouldn't have any weaknesses.

As a former Unholy DK player I see what you did here ; )
Mage damage cds should be undispellable like everyone else's. Beyond that it can stay the same.
Mages are always retarded every expac every season. Deal with you god class having dispellable buffs. You have infinte slow and roots if used correctly. You can land cc while blinking to set up kills, you can purge, do big burst, you can peel for your healers in many ways and you go well with lots of other classes. Sit down.
The thing to remember is that plenty of mages also successfully kill outside of their burst CD's. If you successfully CC the other team through proper coordination of your teammates, your CD's become less about landing a kill and more about just trying to force out defensives, or make the team panic and go oom. Which, even if dispelled, you achieve.

Mages are fine. I get the want to be like everyone else, but your control and mobility as well as your sustained is more than enough to make up for one offensive being purged. If you successfully CC and make the most of your control windows, then you're fine. Sometimes, the only line of defense against a mage given the meta is to try and stall. Purging an offensive falls in line with that thinking.

Edit: It's also worth remembering that much like disc, you're being adjusted based on comps. If your offensives became undispellable, would your comps become overpowered? Yes. That's why that is. RMX is already there as it is, by this point. Hence why people complain about it so much.
10/13/2018 04:13 PMPosted by Setback
takes a million damage with no kiting ability?



Imagine a Mage complaining about mobility

10/14/2018 09:13 AMPosted by Azulla
Mage damage cds should be undispellable like everyone else's. Beyond that it can stay the same.

Why take out the only way to stop a Mage's damage? If you want undispellable damage cd's then you need to cast to deal said damage. Can't have both
When mages aren't dominating the ladder, with frost being the #2 DPs spec behind the obviously broken sin rogue, we can discuss it.

Until then the easiest way to refute what you're saying is to point out that mages are the #2 DPS spec behind assassination, so clearly dispellable offensives and defensives aren't hurting them. If you really don't like your stuff getting dispelled, you can roll lock or BM hunter or ele shaman or one of those other ranged classes you're so jealous of.
10/14/2018 03:41 PMPosted by Elefusion

10/14/2018 09:13 AMPosted by Azulla
Mage damage cds should be undispellable like everyone else's. Beyond that it can stay the same.

Why take out the only way to stop a Mage's damage? If you want undispellable damage cd's then you need to cast to deal said damage. Can't have both

It's not the only way to stop mage damage though? They can be cc'd on their cooldowns just like everyone else.

Having to cast to deal damage is kind of a separate issue (which i agree with, though there will need to be a lot more changes throughout the game before it becomes a good thing again).

I am arguing this purely from the standpoint of wanting blizzard to be consistent across all classes/specs. Mages are the only class with dispellable damage cool downs baseline anymore (combustion, arcane power, icy veins/ice form). Enhance can also talent into lust which can be purged as I'm sure you know. The only other one I can think of is priests and power infusion, but they lost that to the prune from legion to bfa.
Stop stealing my Freedom and you may have my support.

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