[A] [Frostmourne] <Ice Cream Truck> [4/8M]

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
[A] [Frostmourne] <Ice Cream Truck> [4/8M - 8/8H] is primarily recruiting Heals and Ranged DPS!

We are looking for dedicated people for Mythic progression in Uldir and raids beyond. If this interests you feel free to apply via the link below on our Website or contact an admin ingame. We're also recruiting those who want to push M+ keys or anyone who just wants to be a social and chill and chat.

Our current raid times are:

Wednesday 9PM ST
Thursday 9PM ST
Sunday 9PM ST

We are currently considering applicants for all roles!


And click on; 'Apply to Guild' in the left column.

If you have any further inquiries please don't hesitate to add us on bnet;

Vyxe#11516, Tink#1985, Pepsi#1506

Or post your question within the thread.

Hope to see you ingame!
Bump 6% Zek, looking for ranged dps and a Hpala
Bump! Zek down - on to Vectis and Fetid
Bump - Recruiting all Raiders keen to push mythic.
Bump. Looking for all dps and healing classes except holy / disc.
Bump as above ^
Bump - Open to all applicants! Add me on Bnet to chat
Vectis down - now 4/8

Ranged DPS + Healers, open to all.
Looking for talented Ranged DPS and Heals!
Bump LF 1 Tank - Ranged DPS + Resto Sham.
Bump - Ranged for fetid necessary.
Bump. Looking for ranged to join the core!

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