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Hi Voodoo, we're looking to add a few more to our team. We've been around for 5+ years, and above all else we're looking to have fun. We're promising AoTC every tier, but on a lighter/relaxed schedule. We still want competitive players, but those who maybe don't have time to donate 30 hours a week to WoW anymore. Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. Add me, lets talk!

Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out this post. TAINTEDGUARDIANS, has been around for 5+ years and we're looking to solidify our raiding roster for Uldir progression!! 5/8 Heroic 8/8 Normal ATM!Beef#12743 is my B-Tag.

We raid Friday, and Saturdays 7pm to 10pm CST. The main goal is to clear AoTC in a timely manner. IF we have 20 members who would like to do a little mythic we will, but that's not the primary goal.

What the guild offers you.

  • Reliable raid days/times. The guild knows you make time out of your week to raid therefore it is our obligation to make sure we provide you with that.
  • AoTC every tier with the possibility of doing a little more.
  • Mythic plus groups!
  • Flasks/food/gems/enchants etc all provided. We offer this to anyone who makes any sort of contribution to our guild bank.
  • Laid back atmosphere - the #1 thing we look for above all else in recruits is personality. Most of us are around 30, and we work full time so we're looking to enjoy our time on the game because that's what is most important. This is a game after all.
  • What we expect from our raiders.

  • Reliability - as was stated above the guild owes you 6 hrs/wk, and you're making the same commitment. Real life comes up, but it hurts the guild as a whole if you need to miss regularly.
  • Preperation/Class knowledge - We're not looking for world 1st recruits, but out of respect for everyone else you're playing with you should have the basics down. Know what your main stats are, have a generally idea about fights going in, etc. Nothing crazy, but it's more of a courtesy to everyone else.
  • The ability to not get easily offended - This is a broad one. Our guild has a lot of fun during our raids. We crack jokes quite a bit, and we're not a pg13 guild. If you know you're easily offended you should probably look elsewhere. To go along with this, constructive criticism is big as well. We'll never yell/attack anyone, BUT if you're standing in fire we will mention it. Nothing personal just the way you get better/progress.
  • Current Recruitment Needs!!

  • Ranged DPS - HIGH Priority
  • Melee DPS - HIGH Priority
  • Tank - FULL
  • Heals - Looking for one non shammy/priest heals!!
  • Beef#12743 is my B-Tag. I encourage anyone even with a small interest to get a hold of me. I'm not really much of writer, and I would much prefer to actually talk in voice chat. I really do look forward to hearing from you all, and thanks again for taking the time to check us out!
    <Super Murder Friends> [Area 52 - Horde] is currently recruiting exceptional players for Heroic progression and, inevitably, pushing into Mythic. We have experience clearing 8/8N and 7/8H, but with a lot of pugs. We are working towards a consistent raid group so we can avoid wasting time looking for pugs and focus on destroying raid bosses.

    Our current core roster have all been playing since at least TBC, and have raid experience spanning most expansions. Most of us are in the 27-30 range, but we are open to anyone 18+.

    Our schedule is as follows:
    Tuesday 8:00pm - 12:00am EDT
    Wednesday 8:00pm - 12:00am EDT
    Some of us are online most other nights doing M+ runs or other shenanigans.

    We are currently looking for applicants in all roles. All positions are currently core positions. We don't have a bench. Haven't even gone bench shopping.

    If you are interested, or have any additional questions, please reach out to me on Discord.
    Infinite Improbability - Mug'thol is one of the longest running guilds on the server and always looking for more members to add to the team. We are currently 8/8 Heroic Uldir and have multiple teams pushing keys during the week. Below is a link to our if you want to see the scores of some of our members.

    If you are interested contact me in game Spyderbyte#1682 or one of our officers in discord Fluffyj#8346 and we can talk more.

    [H]<Red Light District> [US-Tichondrius] is a late night raiding guild focused on progression. During WotLK, we were a Top 10 Alliance guild on [US-Korgath] under the name of [A]<Heroes After Dark>. We are looking to fill our roster again for heroic/mythic raiding and mythic+.

    We currently host pugs as we don't have a full roster yet. If you'd like to come on our runs before making a decision feel free to message me before raid time and I can save you a spot.

    8/8 Normal
    8/8 Heroic
    2/8 Mythic

    -Raid Times-
    (subject to change as roster fills)
    Tuesday: 7:30p - 10:30p PST
    Thursday: 7:30p - 10:30p PST

    Tank - low priority
    Healer - apply
    Melee - apply
    Ranged - apply

    -Contact List-
    Hey there, we are a casual herocic raid guidl that enjoys running M+ as well. We are currently 4/8 H, raid times are wed sun 9:30-11:30. If you arent interested in raiding, we'd love to have an addition to our M+ teams. Feel free to add me on Bnet so we can chat :) Blayze#11760

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