Back after 8+ years

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Well, I saw alot of good things and decided to come back and give the new expansion a try. All in all, I'm enjoying it. I'm not a heavy gamer, but would like to find a guild to do dungeons and the occasional raids. I dont wanna deal with "minimum requirement" guilds because I know I can't meet them all the time. Just want to meet some new folks and enjoy the game the way WOW intended.
Hi! Here's my TL;DR version:

We are a community guild that have been on Thunderhorn (A) for +7 years. We don't do drama, but we do dramatic raid boss kills.

Our raid times are currently 8pm-11pm (Mon, Thurs). We are currently working on heroic (2 bosses in). We expect a certain amount of commitment from our raiders, but we always recognize that real life comes first.

We run Mythic+ and alt runs on other nights.

Let's put it this way: we like to progress. But never will we keep someone who is a jerk and an amazing player for the sake of progress. At the end of the day, good people>>>good players. But if we can get both, then so much the better.

Whisper anyone in Dysfunctional Serenity for more info. Or try me at Aeriona#1399
Sounds good. I have only been back for about a month and have been soloing everything, but I have gotten to the point of needing to do world quests for favor and 3 or 4 dungeon quests standing in my way for progression. I will look yall up. My play times waver though since I work for myself. Sometimes I am on during the day (Eastern) and sometimes it may be late at night.
And I dont mind pulling my own weight with requirements, but with my random time availability, it's hard to commit to exact times.
Can you mail my demon hunter, Atiles, a guild invite? Been running him more lately.

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