Lf mature players

Hey guys, I'm looking for some steady teammates to play a couple hours a night. Lfg has been a nightmare, as I usually am one n done with what seems to be a bunch of toxic kids who use words like "trash" and "garbage"..
I've been playing arena since mop and never struggle getting 2k but would like to meet a couple people to actually push rating a bit and form senergy..no raging, no blaming the game. Just analyzing our mistakes and getting better..and most importantly having fun!
I play rogue and mage and I am at 1800crish on both atm. I play around 11pm to 2am pst every day. Hope to hear from you
I'm 1600 CR I play arms warrior I'm looking for a 2s and 3s group havent capped at all this week you can add my btag if u want Epiic#1421 im not bad im a decent player

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