"Guys playing female characters is weird"

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Personally, I think it's a little weird when men play as women online, but still, one of my best friends does it and I'm not going to avoid people, harass or argue with them over something like that. I just think it's weird.
I don't really think it's something to argue about, whether or not you're uncomfortable with it, guys are still going to play girls and vice versa.
Can't this thread for !@#$'s sake just end??????
What about FtM who play both? :o
30% of my alts are female characters.

One of my wife's alts is a HAIRY BEEF MALE DWARF...

This is a mmoRPG and i like to feel sexy and empowered when using dominatrix mogs.
10/16/2018 01:36 PMPosted by Monrith
Do explain how.

I see that argument tossed around every now and then but they never back it up with any argument.

Entertain my curiosity, how am I a creepy sleazeball for playing a fem talking doggo warlock?

Edit - because people keep claiming 'troll', I'm not trolling. It's a genuine question. I'm confused as to why some people care about something insignificant as a guy playing a female character.

You're not, pumpkin.

It's how we are raised by our parents/society. Men do men things, and women do women things. It's supposedly a clear cut line. When someone crosses it, everyone loses their !@#$.

I'm a female player, that will either roll a male or female toon.

Normal, is just a setting on the washing machine dial. Get your funk on, pervs.
10/16/2018 10:06 PMPosted by Gibbseye

It's how we are raised by our parents/society. Men do men things, and women do women things. It's supposedly a clear cut line. When someone crosses it, everyone loses their !@#$.

Oh and don't I know it?
10/16/2018 10:21 PMPosted by Gayfather
only tran᠌᠌nies do this

Its almost always straight boys building their spank bank.
10/16/2018 07:43 PMPosted by Yasudra
I wonder how many guys freaked the hell out when they finally unmasked Samus in Metroid.

As I understand it, most of them.
10/16/2018 01:39 PMPosted by Lightwood
By the same token... Am I weird for being a girl who plays guy characters?

I used to do this when I played Everquest in its heyday, but the gaming world was a bit different back then. It was tough to be taken seriously as a female player.

Now they're everywhere and most don't care, it's awesome.

I feel the same way about guys that play girls. The very first time I heard about it (20+ years ago!) I asked the guy why. "I'm much rather watch her running from behind!" was the reply and it made perfect sense. But really, whether you prefer to watch a shapely female, prefer to play females or males, want to play like a female, male, werewolf... whatever, more power to you. May you always enjoy what you play.
It scares the homophobes. The ironic thing is they’re the ones who secretly like the sausage.
If I'm weird for that fine. Being normal sucks.
I want to know in 2018 wow, who really cares?

Someone said something and a guy making a connection to a female toon to find out its a guy... Wot?
This isn't 2004-2008 wow where playing a female char gets you anything unless the guy is new and is 14
You are the Big Metal Hand in the Sky!
Hating something that someone likes does not make you an interesting person.

If these 25 year old spurgs that disregard guys for playing female characters left their moms basement to go outside and meet women irl, this wouldn’t be an issue as they are obviously seeking companionship on a video game if they have this mentality.
If I made a round blob charactor would it be wierd to refer to it as him or her?
At some point I started making all my casters female and all my melee characters male in every game I play. Its not even just a gender thing, aesthetically I think casters look better when theyre more slender.
I think most of the animations for the female toons look better than their male counterparts, except for dwarfs/dwarves.

The only difference between the male and female dwarfs/dwarves is the hair!

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