Any word on the Shadow Rework?

I've been following the PTR but I haven't really kept up to date on the forums. Is there ANY news on Shadow yet cos I haven't seen any changes on the PTR...
A couple new azerite traits and that's about it.
The word on Shadow is go play another game.
They buffed Mind Sear by adding an azerite trait that randomly gives a proc causing it to do 200% damage. That's what we were asking for right?
They did some solid work on shammies and marks hunters so let's cross our fingers
Really hope to hear something soon, want to switch main back to SP in 8.1!!!
I'm still dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Michael, but I really had some hope deep down inside (under all the chainsawing of half a dozen trees down in my yard and on my house) that Shadow Priests would be fixed by the time I could come back and play WoW in a month.

C'mon Ion, don't let me down!
They won’t get a rework mid-expansion. Best we can hope for is even further number tuning and maybe some shuffling of talent points (SW:D and ToF baseline would be a start)
It is funny slim, cause they specifically said they would rework shadow mid expansion. I don't know if they will actually do it, but they said they didn't have time to get to shadow before BFA launched and there would be a rework in 8.1. Whether they actually live up to that promise is another thing.

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