Where are the Shadow changes?

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Is the spec receiving ANY changes?

Please let me know, I'd like to unsubscribe now if not.
May as well unsub. By the time it lapses, you'll realize you made the right choice. If not and by some holy miracle of dastardly insanity, you can happily resub and enjoy shadow to your hearts content.

Edit: I should also note that spriests are in a catch 22. They'd have to be insane to expect changes this far into PTR raid testing, but if they dont push their insanity... are they really a good spriest to begin with?
They should delay patch 8.1 for the Shadow Priest changes. It would be a crippling PR blow to release patch 8.1 with no major Shadow priest changes.
Shadow friends, your changes can be found with the demonology changes, in the middle of lala land!
Still on fire somewhere in a dumpster near you.
Bump, would like to know where the Shadow Priest updates are?
Shadow priest changes were publicly promised by the devs
at least shadow is good in arena ;d

You have no idea what you are talking about colvin. Shadow is only good in arena because we are a ccbot, VF and the last talent row aren't even usable in pvp.
I been wondering this too, Shadow was promised changes as one of the first.. all we've seen is well deserved fixes for feral which imo, where bandaid style to hold over until 8.1.

So where is the shadow stuff? x.x

Guess many priest dpsers have jumped ship to warlock, perhaps I should too.
They have said they are working on multiple specs and it would take time to them to show up on ptr. I Hope its true.
The problem with jumping to warlock is the whole fact that you are squishy as hell for pvp. Amazing otherwise. Maybeitsroxx btw.

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