14 Year and Hunter Pet BUG still here?

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This expansion Hunter PET is worst ever, it bugged in every BG. This is really annoying, PET bugged everywhere. Do Blizzard know it bugged even on Uldir raid entrance?

Seriously, I play WoW for 14 years and your development team still can't fix this bug for 14 years? As a developer, I really wonder how Blizzard still hire team that can't solve a BUG for 14 years and even made it worst?
Is it a Silithid pet?
10/20/2018 07:06 AMPosted by Jim
Is it a Silithid pet?

Lol that was quick.
Would help if you explained what the bug is...
10/20/2018 06:27 AMPosted by Reddream
Do Blizzard know it bugged even on Uldir raid entrance?
I noticed that on my hunter. I have to dismiss then call my pet once I get past the room entrance or it will just stand there idle while I'm attacking.
Legion barely had any issues with pets getting stuck. They dropped the ball hard in BFA, but then again, they dropped the ball in almost everything in BFA.

WoD was less buggy then BFA, let that sink in.
Nothing better than running from GY to flag room in Twin Peaks only to realize your pet is still at GY. It’s not even consistent.
For almost the entire Alpha/Beta phase, if you moved after sending your pet to attack a mob, it would return to you and refuse to go anywhere until you stood still again.

Kinda surprised that one didn't make it live, but then it would have made hunters worthless for most group content.
The Pet Problem is the same problem it's always been. The first boss is standing on an elevator, and pets struggle to make overcoming that little bump. Ive accepted it as an unfortunate reality of it, but it just feels bad because ya know, you cant just start attacking the boss right away

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