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Unless I'm mistaken, this leaves shadowform just reading "10% more shadow dmg". That's not really a form. I'd like to see a lot more flavor in it. Voidform has a big burst of AoE with a flashy graphic that signals that the damage is coming. Shadowform could be the opposite, with its power being outside of combat rather than increasing damage.

For example, when out of combat it increases run speed and reduces enemy detection radius. Or heals when out of combat and standing still. Stuff like that would both increase the feeling of becoming a shadow, and improve the QoL for the spec out in the world (which I believe is quite low and one of the things that turns a lot of players off).
10/22/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Kiiarina
We don’t all hate voidform. I like these changes more than 10% more mind flay damage.

Nobody said get rid of Voidform in Legion when it made them unstoppable gods. They only said that when it suddenly made their rotation trash, and actually detrimented them to stay in it.

If they can make VF feel actually impactful, it's a good thing.

Impactful? Yeah the impact was for me to despise logging on every single day to play a non-existent spec because this version is not a shadow priest it is a stupid void priest. I didn't sign up for this garbage. Heck, it even looks like smelly garbage with the smoke effect. Give me a break.
I hope this isn't too far into the comments so that it get buried, but there was 1 change I completely hated from Legion and it was where when you enter void-form you would aoe around your current target, rather than anything you've marked with DoT spells.

What this ended up doing was while I leveled I would be fighting a single mob, I'd go into voidform, and then accidentally pull 3 more yellow non hostile mobs standing near him and end up dying. I liked when I could mark the targets for my void explosion via dotting. What if you've got 4 or 5 ranged mobs in the mix? none of them will be touched by it.

I just don't like the fact that it explodes around your current target. What if you're in a dungeon, a mob is cc'd and the tank is fighting within 8 yards of it? I can't even use my most powerful ability to help burn the target because I'll wake up everything close to it. So I'm stuck half-butt dpsing.

Maybe it's just me. I liked being able to void explode on the targets I've dotted.
Disappointed, guess priest isn't happening for me at all this xpack.
10/22/2018 07:14 PMPosted by Seph
The next PTR build includes some changes to Shadow Priest with the following goals:
  • Make Voidform matter more, make staying in Voidform longer matter more, and give the player more agency over extending its duration
  • Improve Shadow’s defensive power and utility

Make Voidform Matter More
Moving into Battle for Azeroth, we consciously reduced the maximum power of Voidforms, for the purpose of evening out Shadow’s heavily backloaded Voidform cycle damage. This had some positive impacts, which many of you are aware of – mainly this greatly reduced the harsh penalty for dropping out of Voidform early – a common occurrence in any content outside of raids, including dungeons or questing. That said, we think we went a little too far with peeling power off of Voidform, which has resulted in Voidform not feeling impactful enough, and with not enough reason to work to extend it. We are easing this change back a bit:
  • Voidform increases spell damage by 20% (up from 10%)
  • Insanity drain increase per second in Voidform reduced by 15%
  • Void Bolt Insanity generation increased by 25%

Dispersion’s damage reduction has been increased to 75% (up from 60%). We agree that because it comes with the penalty of not being able to cast spells, it deserves to be stronger. Additionally, it now increases movement speed by 50%.

A new talent Intangibility replaces Mania (which was similar to and far less popular than Body and Soul), and reduces Dispersion’s cooldown by 25% and causes it to heal you for 50% of your maximum health over its duration.

Shadowform’s Physical Damage Reduction
Shadowform's 10% physical damage reduction was intended to feel like a bonus to Shadowform, but instead felt like a penalty to Voidform, since you lose that defensive benefit going into Voidform.

We’re replacing this bonus from Shadowform with the Focused Will passive (which the other two Priest specs already have), causing melee abilities and attacks to reduce all damage taken by 15% for 8 sec.

Hallucinations (the PvP talent) is becoming a baseline passive, and allows your successful Dispel Magic, Mass Dispel, Purify Disease, Vampiric Embrace, and Power Word: Shield casts to generate 6 Insanity (same amount per cast as your filler, Mind Flay).

This give you more freedom to use your on-global cooldown utility buttons, especially in Voidform, without incurring as much damage loss, since Insanity is constantly draining.

Other talent adjustments worth mentioning:
  • Mind Bomb and Psychic Scream now take 40% longer to break from damage.
  • Void Torrent generates 30 Insanity over its duration and deals 20% increased damage. Additionally, no longer requires Voidform to cast, so you can choose to use it on a priority damage target at any time.
  • Lingering Insanity fades every 3 sec instead of every 2 sec.
  • Surrender to Madness cooldown reduced by 33% and penalty duration reduced by 50%.

This is great and all but please take it a step further. We need two things now that the notes have been revealed. Shadow Word: Death needs to be baseline and Twist of Fate needs to be removed and recreated as an Azerite Trait. My proposed idea for this trait is when you SW:D you gain 2% dmg for 6 seconds. The effect stacks but additional stacks do not increase the duration(functions like Starlord). After that lets look at removing SW:V and making two charges of Mind Blast baseline. SW:D baseline is important to the class and is the one thing absolutely required.
Ummm, can we get a rework on shadow form with this, too? I'd love to see a little less fart cloud following me around, especially when using the glyph.
"What should we do?! Buff DK's, warlocks?! Nah, lets make spriests gods in arena.
10/22/2018 07:35 PMPosted by Eclipen
Nobody said get rid of Voidform in Legion when it made them unstoppable gods. They only said that when it suddenly made their rotation trash, and actually detrimented them to stay in it.

Voidform only "made you a god" on fights where you can just sit still for 30+ seconds and tunnel the boss.

If you had to move at all for more than 1-2 seconds, your DPS dropped like a rock.

Plus it added a really long ramp-up on DPS, making spriest garbage in dungeons.
I used to be a smoker - probably about a pack a day, maybe more at my height. But, once I knew I was going to make my then girlfriend my wife, I quit. I wanted to have a long and healthy marriage with her, have a kid or two, and get to watch them grow. And to be honest, it worked. I didn't cough all the time, didn't smell like smoke, and I could taste food again.

But in the end, it was all for naught A few years down the road, when Legion launched, Voidform was introduced and I got cancer anyway.


If we are going to be forced to be Void Priests, the current implementation has to change. As far as I see it, Insanity needs to be changed to a spender system akin to Maelstrom for Shaman (which is another class I unfortunately leveled in BFA). Void Bolt, Eruption, and maybe others could all be spenders of Insanity. If a player chooses to pool Insanity, they can "activate" Voidform which gives a haste or % dmg increase for X seconds on a commensurate cooldown. This preserves the Void niché the development team seems to want for the spec, and makes Insanity and Voidform decent to cycle with for players.

Also, it wouldn't be a feedback post if I didn't mention Shadow Word: Death not being baseline.

At the end of the day, Shadow just does not feel fun to me right now, and it hasn't in quite some time. Even if our numbers weren't great, I could more fully get behind a spec that is at least a joy to play. Currently, it looks like I will be sticking to Holy for the foreseeable future.

P.S. - I saw one person saying no priests complained when VF/S2M were great at the start of Legion and I just have to say I heartily disagree - I hated it then as well.
Blizz, is this all of the SP changes coming to 8.1?? Any new animations or spells? SWD baseline again???
10/23/2018 05:00 AMPosted by Vaani
Idk why anyone was expecting a full on rework during an expansion, that's something that happens when a new one is coming.

Then when would you have done a full rework, they didn't do it before, because they admitted they got it wrong during the Beta and ran out of time and Large Changes had to be "Next Patch" it took over 131 days to get to this point...

A players chosen class and spec is how they experience WoW... they need to stop this "we will fix it next patch" mentality and fix it sooner. Cause Next Patch should mean big changes... 4 months and "that" is all they came up with, while its a much needed balance fix,it should be delivered as soon as possible so every class gets even start into a new expansion.

The first part of an a new expansion 8.0 is a busy time for players, lots of leveling, gear and rep grinding and finding your place in mythic+, raids and pvp... with a broken class. This hurts players love for the game, cause Blizzard refuse to give their class right in Beta, we needed a little more love than a patch, and mind you a patch that reads a bit more like a hotfix at this point.

We were expecting solutions to critical issues, that have been documented and reported. The changes while a balanced, its more of a rollback to return some of our past glory in Legion, rather than innovative.
Really apreciate the post seph, and i like the changes! i have a question: Is this the final form or theres a chance that more changes will come¿?
Please address mind blast/void bolt conflict, and untie void form and void eruption so we aren't wanting to drop form to aoe.

Loving the changes! Thank you!
Only reason I disliked Voidform was because it felt so useless to be in. Hopefully these reworks change that :)
Transcribed from June 14th (131 days ago) - Game Director Ion Hazzikostas
Can we get a timeline for specs that are still on the radar for major changes prior to prepatch?

The window for major change is rapidly closing. They're still listening to feedback and talent changes may still happen, but shouldn't see any large reworks like Demonology Warlock from the beginning of Alpha. Fury Warrior and Balance Druid aren't as big as the Demonology Warlocks from the beginning. E.g. Tiger's Fury for Feral Druids will be off GCD in next build.

Now they also have to focus on tuning and balance as well. Discussion on complexity, awkwardness and other feedback is still ongoing but large changes will likely need to wait until Patch 8.1 at this point as they need to work on balance and stability.

Ion specifically mentioned Enhancement, Elemental and Shadow for changes in Patch 8.1.
Of note... Fury Warrior and Feral Druid was broken on launch and hotfixed several times in the first month. And he stated that "Large Changes" will likely be in Patch 8.1, cause they were focusing on "balance and stability".

So the question: Do you think this is a Large Change deserving such a delay? or is this just Balance and Stability changes that should of been delivered much earlier?
Oh wow maybe Shadow will be as nasty as disc now.
I'm not surprised it's taking them several months to bring number tuning to Shadow. Just one more notch in the belt of absurdities which is Battle for Azeroth.

Don't expect core changes anytime soon if this is the pace they've set for themselves.
4 Months for these changes that address little to nothing that was identified during alpha/beta testing. Clashing Blast/bolt, VErup being AoE making you less inclined to remain in voidform, limited mobility options (now reduced to one talent!), survival options. Yeah, to say these long overdue changes are underwhelming would be quite the understatement.

Having quit after hearing we would be looked at after launch during some nebulous future patch I felt a bit reluctant, having seen this as the fruits of the devs labor im kinda glad to continue to sit it out and check in again when 8.2 rolls around. I really wasnt enjoying the changes and find it difficult to reward or encourage bad behavior (in others, I am a raging hypocrite after all)

Best of luck to you all with the new changes and future content.
10/23/2018 06:10 AMPosted by Fcns
"What should we do?! Buff DK's, warlocks?! Nah, lets make spriests gods in arena.

Bruh, spriest changes were owed long before anything for locks and dks lol.
This isn't much of a rework, just tuning changes. I haven't liked Voidform since its inception, and trying to "make it matter" doesn't entice me to play Spriest again. I guess the class isn't meant for me anymore.

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