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Many of the complaints, mine included, center around VF as a mechanic. To me it feels like a maintenance buff, which plays counter to the style outside of the buff. I.E. currently Shadow feels like two playstyles smashed together.

Why not change one of the talents to let us opt out of VF. For instance:

Legacy of the Void:
Improves your Shadowform to increase haste by x% and DOTs by y% (tuning knobs). Void Bolt, Void Eruption, and Void Torrent now cost Insanity, but no longer require Voidform.

Basically this gives the average over time haste benefits of VF and makes DOTs more meaningful, while making for a builder/spender spec design.
Am I the only one that looks at the Dispersion changes and thinks it does juuuust a bit too much?

Insanity halt, movement speed, damage reduction, healing... does the insanity halt still contribute to rotation within VF? I can see that getting blown up in favor of using it for soak mechanics but that might be a minor issue overall.
Look i'm sorry for all shadow priests, cause what you all are playing right now is the broken last form of DEMO lock that existed in WOD before DH became a thing.

Building energy going into a form losing it over time and gaining wit with moves - but eventually being forced out to do it all over again.

IT was one of the worst versions of the build had all the problems that you all are currently dealing with and guess what blizzard never really got the tuning right on it. they just gave it to you. and gave the even older better CD version to DH the best class

affliction is currently rocking the old MOP/WOD SP with stacked dots and a big spender.
toasting from another bread:

I am super unimpressed. Maybe the biggest buff there is focused will. Will it stack two times like it does on other specs? Or are we getting the nerfed disc version, where it only stacks once? Is this going to stack with edge of insanity? Because if it stacks twice, with edge of insanity, uh, that's going to be a whole hell of a lot of baseline DR. Combine that with the dispersion heal and movement speed and we could all of a sudden become super hard to kill. Edge of Insanity is a bad talent to even exist, though. Should stack twice and just get rid of edge of insanity.

The buff to dispersion DR, and the movement speed increase, and the new talent that gives it a heal is cool, but I'm worried that the movement speed isn't going to do much other than make melee burn a root or snare, in which case dispersion goes right back to being nearly as useless as it was before. I would have much rather seen the heal be baseline, and the movement speed be part of that talent row. Edit: I've used dispersion so little this expansion I totally forgot it makes you immune to movement impairment lol

This is a series of fairly large defensive and offensive buffs, which we needed as we were pretty seriously undertuned. But they didn't address the *basic mechanical problems* with the class. Rather than just buffing voidform, they needed to make mechanical changes. At the very, absolute least, void eruption needed to be decoupled from triggering voidform. They didn't do that.

This is going to make the class feel better, but I don't know if it's going to make the class feel any less clunky, and it's not going to change the fact that we're always going to be fluctuating wildly when it comes to balance.

Oh well. This is a definitive answer that we're not getting any mechanical changes for BFA. I'll stick around for 8.1 to see how it feels at least.

Let me add: I'm afraid this might actually OVERBUFF Shadow numbers-wise, *definitely* pvp-wise if they're going to keep edge of insanity and focused will stacks twice. But maybe this is their strategy. Cover up the mechanical clunkiness of the class by giving them good numbers.
hi Seph, thanks for the post. hopefully we can continue to give feedback to be taken into consideration before 8.1 goes live. some of the changes are REALLY nice imo (Hallucinations) and some seem a little weird. some mechanical issues with the spec that could be fixed with what seems like a flip of a button remain unaddressed (SWD and 2 charge MB not baseline for example) - but hopefully there is still time.

i am grateful for the post and the changes listed, but do hope we can continue to iterate.

also, just as an aside, in the future it would be better for the sanity of your players if someone could at least give us something like "nothing to say at the moment, but we are aware of issues and appreciate the feedback and will let you know when we have something in the pipeline" - right away, rather than a month and almost a thousand posts later giving us something meaningful.

people don't want to feel ignored.

10/22/2018 07:29 PMPosted by Nepla
SW:D still a talent!?
Why Blizzard? =(
Voidform was meant to feel like a BM's bestial wrath... you go in and out of quickly... what you've posted still doesn't address how voidform will perform in mythic+...

One easier adjustment would be to reduce the rate of decay when out of combat... since the excitement of combat isn't driving you insane... (or making u less insane?) Another idea is when you excite combat in void form, you automatically revert to normal form, and stop decaying sanity and maybe you generate a bit of sanity (kind of like a will power, drawling you back to your non-void powered self)... for example... you were at 50 sanity when a pack of mobs dies... you pop-out of void form as combat ends, and generate 25 sanity, giving you 75 total, which would now have either a slower or non-existent decay rate out of combat.

Really in general SP have a huge RP that could be have been more fun to play into... like when you are surrendering to your void form, you gain actual enhanced abilities (much like metamorphosis for DHs), but you have to understand... the more you sit there and buff a cool down... you need to increase it's refresh time... I don't see you doing that here, and you're buffing it by more than 100% (10% to 20%). I don't think shadow priests need that much love, but some of the other changes sound good with dispersion and power of will, and other baselines...

Basically, I'd be careful how far you step into overpowering shadow priests in your next tier to only have to nerf them later if/when you do with the above, whereas I think there's better ways to address their sanity issues in non-raid settings.

but yes, let's buff a class and make a class more interesting while nerfing other classes that are performing middle of the road and buffing classes on top of mythic raiding...

I'm starting to think that Blizzard's on speed dial for players from Method and other top tier raiding guilds that don't play certain classes... (especially pet classes), especially now after all the nerfs.
The fact they Put SWD still on a talent is insane.

The fact we still have to spend 3 seconds to get into void form is insane and its not buffed by haste to reduce the cast time.

Considering the fact our Mastery is nothing more than just Versatility and not something impactful like causing our void apparition to proc more outside of our dot crit or giving us shadowy recall which actually makes our dots WORK for long term.

Blizzard I don't get how you won't listen to the community and understand where we who are playing the class more times than the interns you have hired are playing. We are feeding you FREE data to help fix our class. You basically put a bandaid on a severed limb.

The hate towards void form is HOW LONG we have to cast to get into it. 3 seconds without legacy of the void and 1.6 seconds with legacy of the void. Our dots cannot suffice to say BRIDGE the gap for that time.

I am seriously disappointed with this blanket over buff.
I'm still on the boat of we need some mechanical fixes. These changes sound good and i'm sure our damage is going to be fine but....

I'm tired of MB clipping VB every single time and SW:D being a talent.
Our movement is already pretty bad as is and now if you want to heal in dispersion you have to lose body and soul.
What happened to our artifact orb bro that replicated a % of single target damage to our dot targets.

What happened to the tentacles that channeled mind flay.
Our mastery needs to be reworked to something else. Flat damage increase sounds good and all but in reality its so bad that you want to basically avoid mastery if at all possible. (also ironic that 90% of the pieces that drop for me are mastery.)

VF takes way too long to cast, Void Erupt being caused after casting VF needs to be separated.

Our 3 minute cd is in dire need of help we are the only class in the game that doesnt have an actual burst cooldown thats meaningful. Mind bender isn't "fun"
Shadow fiend is hilariously bad when you compare it to any of the other classes options.

I like the buffs overall but I just want to see some of the other actual problems fixed damage doesn't even matter as long as i'm competitive. At this point I still see every melee smashing me using way less buttons.
I don't want to sound negative but it does seem like polishing a turd at this point. The MM and Ele changes were just what the spec needed, these don't address the fundamental problem. Adding more damage to void form doesn't make it more interesting when we have to go into it anyway, now it just feels like I can't ignore it in PvP. Insanity draining changes and void bolt generation changes are good but it's extremely small, so instead of 20 stacks we get to what? That isn't enough to effect anything since the stacks only give .5% haste so having lingering insanity fade slower just adds to the overall problem, the out of void form problem. Beastial Wrath doesn't change your rotation and you don't fight to stay in it longer, things are put in the game to make the time out of BW shorter while void form it's the other way with blizzard looking for ways for us to stay out of it. Falling out of VF is fine if we can quickly go back into it, it's the 50/50 play style people hate. All these changes have done is move it from 50/50 to 40/60, it's better but doesn't change anything in the long run.

Dispersion change is nice for our defensiveness but again shadow priest have no real mobility, we should REALLY have the level of self healing you see from warlocks and demon hunters that's the whole idea of Vampiric Embrace. The "idea" of specs with low mobility is they mage up for it in other ways like with their defensives and/or self healing. Now however the specs with the most mobility have the highest defencives and the best self healing.

As for talents as I said the lingering insanity change is meh, with VF stacks the way they are I don't think 10% haste is ever going to mean crap. If VF stacks go back to 1% then yes that talent might be extremely useful. Void Torrent might see play now over mind bender....yay? It's just another mind flay with a cool down at this point.

I would love to be proven wrong but at this point I don't see these changes fixing anything about shadow priest. We waiting so long we an update and I'm left with a, "that's all you could think of" feeling reading these changes.
10/22/2018 07:29 PMPosted by Female
Shadow priests: "Get rid of Voidform!"
Blizzard: *Makes it "matter" more*.
10/22/2018 07:14 PMPosted by Seph
Dispersion’s damage reduction has been increased to 75% (up from 60%). We agree that because it comes with the penalty of not being able to cast spells, it deserves to be stronger. Additionally, it now increases movement speed by 50%.

A new talent Intangibility replaces Mania (which was similar to and far less popular than Body and Soul), and reduces Dispersion’s cooldown by 25% and causes it to heal you for 50% of your maximum health over its duration.

10/22/2018 07:14 PMPosted by Seph
Focused Will passive (which the other two Priest specs already have), causing melee abilities and attacks to reduce all damage taken by 15% for 8 sec.

Combine these changes with Edge of Insanity...

TIme to roll a Shadow Priest and never again be a target in PVP.
10/22/2018 07:26 PMPosted by Netherspike
God I wish voidform would just go.

This is 100% for me
10/22/2018 07:56 PMPosted by Syf
locks acting like we're in bad shape lmao

We are in bad shape for survivability. Nice survivability buffs for spriests - Dispersion up to 75% reduction, healing you for 50% of your hp.

It’d be nice if locks had something like that. . . Best we can do is Unending Resolve (40% reduction), and eat our hearthstone (25% hp). So I use two CDs to get 50% of your cool down effectiveness.
As long as the demented Voidform mechanic exists, Spriests will be a dead caster to me and I only play casters.
What is shadow supposed to do until 8.1 goes live? More "shut up and heal?"
10/23/2018 09:30 AMPosted by Fizzbizzle
What is shadow supposed to do until 8.1 goes live? More "shut up and heal?"
Welcome to World of Warcraft
Can you guys quit trying to fix stuff by doubling down on class strengths and weaknesses? Strengths and weaknesses are fine, but strengths shouldn't mean making others obsolete in that area and weaknesses shouldn't mean being worthless in that area.
10/22/2018 07:26 PMPosted by Netherspike
God I wish voidform would just go.

While I agree I think even if Blizzard agrees with that they're not gonna do anything mid expansion. If anything it will get competently reworked/removed next expansion.
It’d be nice if locks had something like that. . . Best we can do is Unending Resolve (40% reduction), and eat our hearthstone (25% hp). So I use two CDs to get 50% of your cool down effectiveness.

i get your frustration, but you also have some stuff Shadow would like to have, for the record.

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