Nathanos breaks into your home

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Call Sylvanas, tell her that her boy-toy is drunk again, please come get him.
10/24/2018 05:48 PMPosted by Swiftraven
What do you do?
Critique his tagging skills. I mean, if he's going to spray graffiti in an artist's house, he'd better do a dang good job.
well, I wouldn't call Tyrande thats for sure.....
Call the cops and hope they shoot him.
"Sylvanas will never love you. She never did. And when it becomes convenient for her, when you're more useful as a sacrifice, she'll step over your lifeless corpse."
10/24/2018 05:54 PMPosted by Liari
Ice trap, disengage, Kill command, barbed shot, arcane, barbed, murder of crows, arcane, bestial wrath, kill command, barbed shot and then toss his body back to Sylvanns.

Murder of Crows is a terrible ability.
"CYKA BYLAT!" and proceed to magdump with a saiga loaded with frag 12s that I spent two months salary on*
Stealth around and ruin his relationship with Sylvanas.


I teach him what an 8mm does to an undead skull then dismember his corpse and put the pieces into a wood chipper then feed the chipped up pieces to some hogs. Then I go find sylvanas and replace him as her new play thing.
I shoot him for breaking and entering.

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