[The Relinquished] is recruiting!

Guild Recruitment
Most guild's advertise "We do everything" for recruitment and leave it at that. We would like to go into more detail of what we do.

We raid 2-3 times a week with a goal of AOTC and Mythic when/if our roster can support it.
We do Mythic+ keys ranging from 2-10’s with a healthy mix in there, gearing alts and getting that 10 for the weekly chest.

Old content, PvP, quests...everyone does that on their off time including many people in this guild. Feel free to join up and partner with them on their adventures.

We are a group of mostly skilled players with a great amount of experience ranging from competitive mythic raiding to challenge modes. Most of us having been long term B-tag friends became sick of the PUG world or elitist guild mentality and formed “The Relinquished”. The guild has been a home for those of us that enjoy raiding and dungeoning with a mature group of players (though, not the jokes)

Currently our guild is looking to bolster its ranks. We would love to see more healers, Off spec tanks and ranged DPS (Warlocks are a plus)

Of course any wandering soul looking for a good home with good kind people and a motivation to clear Heroic raiding content are welcome.
Please contact DanielMoore#1821 for details on bnet or DanielMoore#0248 on Discord!

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