Wicked Warhawks [A]7/8H Casual Raid LF340+DPS

We will gear you up, log on during the raid 7pm server 340ilvl dps or greater, whisper me. We will invite you to guild and raid.

Who we are:

<Wicked Warhawks> is a weekend Heroic very-casual Alliance guild on US-Kel'thuzad. Once we clear Heroic, we may aspire to move into Mythic. This is a guild that has been around a while, and looks to continue to be around after BFA. Casual and Chill. Expect lots of wipes, and other such good times. Groups or Pairs of applicants welcome! :) Some of our best raiders have been couples or RL friends.

Where we are at right now:

We are currently progressing on Heroic(7/8 as of 11-03-18). We raid 2 nights a week. We use Discord to communicate during raids. Click my armory profile or visit us on warcraftlogs for more up to date info.

Raid Times are:

Friday - 8pm-11pm CDT(7-10 server)
Saturday - 8pm-11pm CDT(7-10 server)

Who we need:

We need >340 ilvl DPS. We are okay helping you gear up. We prefer prior raiding experience in heroic. Please have DBM and Angry Assignments installed for our raids.

Contact us

Secretofmana - Me - Raider <In game mail should be directed here>
My Battletag: Zenfoldor#1145
Friend me or send me a message and we'll get you an invite
Mazull - GM -

Post Guild Invite:

Please make sure you receive an invite on the calendar for the next raid. Please accept the invite and you will be invited to the raid. We will take it from there. We do live logging, so results will be available on warcraft logs each raid night.


Guild repairs, food, and flasks are provided when available(most of the time, and every raid in BFA thus far). We do expect consumables to be used on most pulls, at this point.

Real Talk:

We are interested in consistent raiders. Consistency and attendance are valued. To raid with us, we would prefer you be in our guild(there are some exceptions to this). A lot of our dps quit as the xpak starts the usual dip, and we are looking for people to fill those positions. We would like to see players in the 350+ ilvl bracket right now, since we are still progressing in Uldir Heroic. The type of raider we are looking for should be shooting to clear and farm Heroic each tier. Patience is a virtue in our guild.

Though Mythic is not out of the question, applicants who are NOT INTERESTED IN THE WORK THAT COMES WITH MYTHIC RAIDING may be interested in our guild. Alternately, you may have a main in a guild that does Mythic but are looking for a Heroic raid for an alt, which is fine. You are certainly able to pug this content much earlier than our guild will clear it. However anecdotally, since I joined the guild at the start of Legion, we have downed the last heroic boss in every tier while it was current(with the exception of Helya).

Flaws to know up front:

- Sometimes we get started late(we are working on this).
- Sometimes there is downtime between attempts(we have gotten better at this, but it is still a problem that rears its ugly head from time to time).
- We wipe quite a bit. Sometimes our raiders do not know the mechanics before boss fights begins(again, something we are actively trying to fix).


- We would prefer members who are already on KT. Our casual raid may not be worth a server transfer and if it doesn't work out, we would like to be able to go our separate ways with no hard feelings.
- Discord info will be provided when you join the first raid or after you speak with an officer who invites you to the guild(where the information will be visible inside of the guild info tab).
- When personal loot drops that one does not need, it is generally given out by /roll
- Sometimes we may stop early if it makes sense to do so(ie: When clearing trash before Zul would prevent a pull on the boss before end of raid time)
Still looking, adding my btag
Anybody looking to raid on Friday/Saturday night, log on at raid time, PM me and I'll invite you to guild and raid at the same time! Exciting!
Updated to lower requirements to 340 and to give alt path to joining here:

We will gear you up, log on fri/sat 340ilvl dps or greater, 7pm server, whisper me. We will invite you to guild and raid.

We need members for the core raid and don't mind gearing, great time to join up.
Updated to 7/8 H last night, gonna push the timer and go straight to G'huun next lockout. Get past that last bump. LFMDPS.
Hey there.

Do you guys accept casual members that can't commit to a raid schedule? I'm in Europe so I can't raid at specific times. I'm mainly looking for a guild that I can join that's active and does Mythic+ and pug/alt raids at less strict schedules and just in general for the social aspect.

Sure, we would love to have you. Contact me in game or send me a friend request.
Still looking! :)

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