No credit for Brawl win quest

Bug Report
I won the brawl for the week and the quest "Something Different" didn't complete. Others in the group reported the same issue and said they had tried multiple times.
yep.... was about to make a post about this myself, ONCE AGAIN (this happened on the last "arena" brawl... the PvE esq. one) you would think they would have made sure to check the other brawls would properly reward credit...
Same thing here, just won the brawl, no credit.
Same. Getting real tired of beta testing. When is the actual game going to release?

Edit: Got credit on my second win.
same issue
This happened to me as well.
Same. Happened last arena-based weekly brawl exact same thing. You would think Blizz would have fixed it this time around.
Just finished this on US-Tichondrius. No credit for win.
Same US-Icecrown
Putting myself into the hat as well. US-Area52
Same here too :{
Didnt this happen before ?? Just happen to me when i notice that i didnt get credit fro winning a brawl What a load of BS
Won 2 in a row no credit.
Same not getting credit
This did happen before when we got this last time back in june when we had this PvP Brawl . It was fixed a few days later. Crap like this makes me want to start rethinking my long time support of the game
Same did 2 no win credit.
Same thing just happened to me. @.@ it was a horde slaughter too. lol US - Illidan
Same here. Has happened before. Very frustrating
Yo blizzard, alliance can barely win these. I've gone 1 for like 7 so far. Fix this please. I got the win, I want the loot.
Just happened to me as well...

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