Druid and leather mogs...

Why does blizzard hate us? It seems like they spend 80% of their time designing plate armor. 10% on cloth. And to be generous 7% on mail and whatever left after the break room on leather.

I think rogues have a few decent sets. Monks have maybe one i think is ok.
Druids..just a mess. I know "too each their own" so I'm sure someone out there just loves the druid mogs. I just find they are all so over the top or totally boring. Even using Mogit i can't find a single transmog I'm happy with.
Look at plate gear, nearly every teir is intricate, fairly well made, looks like something you might actually wear into battle. Druid sets? We get like 5 that make us look like stuffed teddy bears drawn on by toddlers. I barely like what I'm using now lol. Been trying to scrape together a mog from non set items but even that looks pretty lame. I also keep finding cool peices that just don't match anything we can use. Such as a helm from EN that looks awesome.. but the color scheme litterally doesn't match anything else we can wear.

As a resto i spend a fair amount time out of forms healing. So I'm stuck looking ugly. For this reason I'm usually in cat, bear, or chicken when i hanging around town.

Blizz.. just give us one mog set that looks like we are battle ready!
Ps: the Uldir gear is not bad l, maybe a bit bulky. Kinda looks like plate gear lol.
I dont disagree, but come on, at least admit mail gets left behind even harder than us.

It seems like most leather is designed for rogues.
I mostly agree.

I wish some of those demon hunter sets looked the same on the other leather wearers as they do on DH.

Paladin has the majority of my favourite sets with warrior having a few choice ones as well.

Priest and mage armour is usually pretty nice as well.

Monk has a couple decent ones but they are very monkish and look weird on other classes.

Rogue too have a few nice sets. Mostly from wrath but SoO set is pretty sweet.
As for druids, well Vancleefs set is one of my favorites in the game. Also new leather warfront set looks sweet. (Although those plate sets look great too).
Funny that my favourite druid sets are actually just leather alliance gear. I dont think druids specifically really have any sets that I love. A few sweet pieces like those BoT(?) shoulders from Cataclysm, the pvp versions of Hellfire Citadel gear from WoD.
The one set that I do really like is the Druid class hall set. That !@#$ looks cozy AF. Wish I'd played my druid more in legion, now I have to grind that out.
I actually think we have some great sets from the past, but agree with you that recent showing have been awful. They also aren't ever designed with Tauren or Worgen in mind and they tend to look epically stupid.
Druid sets have generally been messes in my opinion. But... xmogs are all about personal opinion. I don't like the robe/dress look on my toons. Others do. I don't like weird color schemes (probably because I am color blind) and oddly-shaped shoulders/hats. Others do. I don't like sets with leaves all stuck on them and falling off them. Others do.

Luckily, I have an xmog system now where I can enjoy what my toon looks like when not in forms. And even though I am color blind, with the help of others, I have built enough xmog sets that I am wishing there wasn't a 20 set limit. The one I currently have is my default, but I will use others for a few weeks at a time when I feel the urge.

P.S. You know Blizzard, I'd really like a decent selection of MASSIVE hammers or spiked balls for my NE to wield. But good options for those are rare and most of the time don't fit the xmog. So I continue with polearms. They just don't feel solid enough, most of the time.
I love my leather transmogs. I make my monks and rogues look like my druids lol.
10/30/2018 02:08 PMPosted by Mawu
I dont disagree, but come on, at least admit mail gets left behind even harder than us.

It seems like most leather is designed for rogues.

Gotta disagree here. I actually like several of the shaman sets and 1 or 2 hunter sets. Lol
Love my CM Druid set one of my favourites in game.
First time I've seen someone say Mail isn't at the bottom of the idea barrel.....

Seriously though, I can't think of a single mail set that I prefer over leather sets...
I usually avoid tier sets. Too over-designed imo.
11/01/2018 09:23 PMPosted by Hotbot
Love my CM Druid set one of my favourites in game.

Same, but I got tired of using it for all four specs. Came up with the one you can probably see on my armory right now to use for Guardian, but I've quickly tired of it as well. I look like a kid in a discount Halloween costume. "Look mommy, I'm a bear! Rawr!"

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