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11/06/2018 12:00 AMPosted by Omegall
It's actually a very easy issue to work around, so it's annoying but not game breaking

1. Use windowed mode instead of full screen
2. Disable spaces/multiple desktops (all testing showed every issue seems related to spaces/mission control. tabbing out, screen saver, sleep all don't cause issues if spaces aren't enabled

I NEED spaces. It's been part of macOS years now.
11/05/2018 04:51 PMPosted by Rommax
There have been a lot of changes in the 8.1 client (currently on PTR) to address issues with WoW and macOS 10.14. I think this specific issue is fixed in the current 8.1 client. If you have the time, disk space and data caps to check out the PTR, could you verify all the issues you're seeing with 10.14 are addressed on the PTR?

You realize how long the Mac community had to wait for this?

This should not be in a major content patch. The game is CRASHING for months and you treat us like nobodies. An issue like this that affects our entire experience should be fixed asap and pushed out in a minor build.
I have GREAT news to report!!

This is all using Mohave 10.14.1:

1 - The PTR Mac Client is functional!

2 - The crashing when swapping spaces in 8.1 is FIXED!! Its WONDERFUL to swap spaces again and not get the forever spinning beach ball of death. The only thing that happens is a very slight pause when swapping back to the space with the game but I will take that gladly and without complaint any day over the crashing in the current live client!

3 - Omegall is 100% correct about performance. I am blown away by how great on my both my Macs (2017 maxed out Powerbook Pro 15" and 27" Retina 5k iMac 2017) the game is performing! Best performance yet! I have my graphics on each basically maxed out as I do on live where I average about 30-45 fps. On the PTR I am getting a solid 60 fps running around Boralus. The frame rates are amazingly smooth. There is no stutter in the slightest and looks amazing!

Fear and fret not fellow Mac users! 8.1 is going to give you great amounts of happiness and joy!!

Keep in mind boralus in ptr is far emptier. the most accurate testing measure is comparing 8.1 with MT on and MT off, that way you can see a more accurate expectation of performance difference where the population between two tests is unchanged.
So to be clear, we can't use hot corners for mission control?

I disabled Spaces but left in hot corners which I use alot for MC. Crashes every time. I hope this is truly fixed in next patch.
Good info there, @Bermy

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