Boomkin LF Mythic Progression

378 Boomkin Looking for mythic raid progression.
Currently 1/8M
Hi Mahkahe,

We are looking for basically one last ranged to complete our roster. We are currently progressing on Zek'voz. I will be out of town this weekend and not checking discord/bnet however, if you apply here my fellow guildies will get back to you! See our information below!

Guild Information <Disorder> US Turalyon

Progression: 2/8M Uldir
Raid Nights: T/Th 8-11 EST
Current Recruiting <Open> Actively recruiting 1-2 DPS to round out our mythic roster. Tanks/Healers Closed. Outstanding Applicants for all roles will still be considered. High attendance is a must!
Contact: Apoptøsis#1118 (bnet) or Apop#0685 (discord)

Disorder is a newly formed adult heroic/mythic raiding guild on US Turalyon. Our leadership and core is comprised of experienced mythic raiders looking to build on a successful history of progression. We seek to provide a fun but efficient and skilled raid environment that will bring out the best in our raid team. Our vision is to create and lead a guild dedicated to the maintenance of skilled progression while having a reasonable/flexible raiding schedule. We are now in the process of rounding out our roster for BFA and are highly interested in recruiting and meeting new skilled players to add to our growing community!
Reverie is looking for a boomkin add me if you are interested, ill leave our info down below

Reverie is a mythic oriented semi-hardcore PvE guild which was established in July 2018 in preparation for the BFA expansion. Our members have a rich history raiding in WoW, which has allowed for a diverse range of experience amongst our players. Our current values lie most heavily in improvement and teamwork. We believe that working as a team is critical to success, we would rather pick our raiders up then beat them to the ground. Our goal is to improve each tier going forward, both in terms of our strong sense of community, as well as our performance as a guild. Since we do raid on a lighter schedule we expect our raiders to come prepared and able to listen. If you feel that we are a fit for you feel free to apply. Leave your egos at the door please.

365+ Ilvl
25+ HoA
Must have high attendance

Uldir Needs
Ranged DPS: Hunter, Warlock, Elesham, Boomkin
Heals: Disc, Rsham
If your class is not listed please feel free to apply as spots are competitive.

We are also accepting members to push mythic + keys since we only raid 2 nights a week we would like to fill our time with more players to have fun and push keys with.

Guild: <Reverie>
Server: US-Turalyon
Schedule: Tues/Wed 9:30pm-12:30am est
Progression: 8/8H 3/8M
Voice: Discord


Feel free to contact one of our officers in game.

Add Us
Warsong is a weekend guild that formed during NH with the intention of Mythic raiding. Our eyes have been set on cutting edge since then. As a guild we were 7/11 mythic in Antorus, which was our first foray into mythic. Learning how to become a mythic guild was a challenge from the beginning. We have learned many valuable lessons that have prepared us for what is the next installment in sight for Warsong.

Competition will drive our players to be the best that they can be. We welcome anyone who believes that they are the best, or even better, people that believe they can become better players. Come join us as we grow to reach our goal of CE.
From casuals to hard-core players everyone has a place and a role that will help us achieve our goals.

RAID TIMES: Normal Tuesday @8 PM EST, Heroic Friday @8 PM EST, Mythic Saturday and Sunday 1-4 PM EST

Come join us for a normal run and see who we are. We host the Tuesday Normal in the Turalyon Discord Come on by and have some fun!

If your interested in checking us out via stream head over to

For further information about joining our amazing community you can reach us by contacting either Panda or Scarllette.
Panda- PandaToons#1346 (bnet)/ PandaToons#7304 (discord)
Scarllette- Bloo#1531 (bnet)/ Koneko (Scarllette)#2748 (discord)

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