I call BS on why you hate WoD

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As a casual altoholic I think WoD was pretty good. Imo the garrisons were great and finding those special followers like Croman and Milhouse etc I felt was rewarding( even got a monk named Charles Norris from the inn lol). The crafting was actually worth it, especially because you could send max level crafted gear to fresh lvl 90 alts(even tho you could only equip 3 max) the world exploration and treasure hunting was done very well with the gliders and jumping puzzles. Wasn’t a fan of how rep gains worked and the random daily system

With that said, I can see how if one is a player that likes to max out 1 main and really push content on that one character, everything would get old and repetitive quickly.
As for me, I started playing wow in WoD, it has a very special place on my heart.
I liked WoD. But then again, I'm casual.

In the long-range saga that is WoW, I thought it was nice to take a chapter to go back and visit the orc clans that were at the start of it all. And it was cool to see the zones in comparison to Outland as it currently stands.
I hate, despise, and loathe WoD because that's the expansion that started this war on flying from the devs. They strung us along then tried to pull the whole "no flying going forward" then....pathfinder.

Worst expansion for that reason alone.
WoD had tremendous potential out of the gate. Just the initial premise was awesome; we had LITERAL time traveling into an alternate universe with the original Orcish clans on Draenor. We had the living Draenai culture. We had epic bad guys like Gul'dan causing trouble.

Stuff like the artwork and music was fantastic, our Garrisons originally felt powerful and as a base for our eventual campaigns, and there was so much lore and history being expanded that was great. Then the initial leveling wore off, and we realized that what we basically had was all we were going to get.

Tanaan Jungle was intended to be in the game when launched, and got added as an afterthought. We only really had a single tier of raid content, before falling into an almost 2 year dearth where players were left with either constantly grinding the same experience, or cancelling. It also didn't help when Blizzard tried to do their sneaky "no flight" statement, and resulted in immediate mass cancellations. They grudgingly added Pathfinder afterwards, but the damage was already done.

I loved WoD when it launched for all of what it could have become. I despised and stopped playing it long before the expansion ended, and only came back once pre-Legion content was added.
WoD was awesome.

My favorite part was the Assault of Shattrath raid.

And putting my garrison in the zone I wanted was fantastic.

Farahlon was great.

Then there was Yrels dark secret and her whole relationship with Maraad

I still have my legendary Gorehowl in my bank
Really hated the story from a horde perspective so never got into WoD and unsubbed and quit during my first month of playing it, and didn't come back until right before legion.

Seemed like to me it was made for alliance players, I didn't see much point in opposing the Iron Horde or Garrosh. If I can't get into the story, I won't get that far.
The initial launch was a travesty. Multiple hour queues to sign in. Bugged quests. Lag so bad it made certain areas unplayable. The WoW subreddit literally got put on lockdown, and blizzard actually gave out game time.

This was the expansion where ability pruning began, and classes found themselves in a world without abilities they’d loved having. Yes, we adjusted, but a lot of people resented the move.

Garrisons were fun at first, but quickly became entirely passive, with only the mission table and mat collections as your regular activities. But the cost of this was the world was basically drained of ANYONE. There was just no reason to go anywhere.

The story was just dumb. Going back in time suddenly takes you to an alternate reality instead of the actual past. Wrathion never appears despite this being his plan, which is good, because it was an insane plan that CAUSED the thing he feared;the Legion’s return to Azeroth. The Iron Horde wound up being entirely inept, with one of their big figures getting killed as the first raid boss of the xpac, and another in a 5 man. And despite grommash enacting a genocidal campaign, he appears to get blanket forgiveness for no reason.

This was when the great flight crisis began, and even though I actually like the idea of pathfinder, blizzard handled it like CRAP. First, they told us no flight at first. Then they told us no flight ever. Then the forums caught fire and they made pathfinder. Blizzards bad communicating was starting.

People really wanted race specific garrison skins, begged for them. Blizzard actually told us that giving us that would cost us a raid tier, and we never got it. Then we lost a raid tier anyway.

I’m sure there’s more.
You just want to go kill alot of boars outside of goldshire
the biggest issue i had with wod was the story. it was confusing and kind of silly. i liked it at first and loved the garrison, but in the end, there wasnt enough to do in that expansion.

i also felt the zones were too enemy heavy. it was hard to move an inch without aggro'ing something that could knock you off a mount.

i know on this guy i couldnt wait to leave it and i was only there 2 days (real time, maybe like 6 hours playtime)
Much of the hatred from WOD comes from people who played it when it was current content. It was like 2 months of fun leveling, then 22 months of slugging along. Here are my reasons for disliking WoD.

Lets see where to start. How about with the story?

After over a year of doing Siege of Orgrimmar and dealing with orcs, we get to go to an entire new dimension to , you guessed it, deal with orcs.

They make all these orc leaders seem badass, then we find our that some of them die in dungeons, The real power behind the Iron Horde (Blackhand) gets defeated in the second raid, we (the players) finally get to track down Garrosh only to have Thrall come in and steal the kill (for both Horde AND Alliance). Finally, After killing countless inhabitants of Draenor and even assaulting Azeroth, Grommash is turned into a victim/hero and proudly stands at the end declaring Draenor being "free".

Now that the story is out of the way, lets talk about game stuff.

Garrisons were a neat idea that turned into an area that no one ever needed to leave. No need to leave the garrison to herb, mine, fish, etc. You could do basically anything inside the garrison. No need to go outside to do anything once you were done leveling. Once you setup your alts you had a literal gold mine between trading mats, etc.

Mission tables:
Mission tables were first introduced in WOD. They helped cement the idea of not having to leave your garrison and pushing one button on your phone to play the game. Mission tables were needed for story line, equipping your followers, etc. It made players alot of gold, especially for someone with plenty of alts. For me at least it got super repetetive doing it many times over. There was no change or randomness. You got the same followers everytime and it got boring really quick.

What could be worse than mission tables? Mission tables with a nautical theme! By this point many players were tired with the whole mission table game play, so when a major patch was announced that introduced even more rng mission table nonsense, people got pissed and it left a bad taste in peoples mouths.

Crafting professions got rewarded with many recipes being timegated and producing random rng stat items. You couldnt gather mats and then craft away. You had to gather mats, donate them to workers for them to produce some soulbound mats that you then used to craft an item. That item could then have non optimal stats that you had no control over. I couldnt stand it. No more mining and smelting into bars. It was all donation fodder and everyone had acess to gathering mats due to the garrison providing them free of charge.

All in all, these factors made it a very lonely expansion. This was the first expansion they made us do Pathfinder as well. That was a long slog through rep grinds and questing that was really annoying and set the standard for today. I really hated. You could play the entire game solo and never have to leave your garrison.

Thats why I disliked it.
I loved WoD.

Garrisons actually made the game feel more alive. Custom Garrison groups we're all over the place. They were useful for collecting quests and other garrison stuff. Even do fishing in garrisons. It was great seeing so many people. I loved it.
WoD wasn’t that bad, it’s just become the cool meme to hate on it.
I actually somewhat liked WoD. Better than Cataclysm at least. My biggest issues were that they made all the armor in LFR look like crap, and there was no class tier armor in LFR. Also the zones all sucked imo, other than Frostfire Ridge. I enjoyed the garrisons a lot actually. If the rest of Draenor didn't suck so bad and had stuff to do, people would have probably came out of their garrisons more.

BFA is sucking worse though so far. They do have more content, but the content they have sucks. Islands and Warfronts are a joke. They also got rid of set armor, but for all raid tiers now. I'm normally an xmog fiend, and I have yet to find a single item in BFA that I want to try hard to obtain to use for xmog. Sad state.
11/02/2018 06:54 AMPosted by Sunday
WoD was awesome.

My favorite part was the Assault of Shattrath raid.

And putting my garrison in the zone I wanted was fantastic.

Farahlon was great.

Then there was Yrels dark secret and her whole relationship with Maraad

I still have my legendary Gorehowl in my bank

Sometimes your'e alright, Sunday.

Have the only upvote I can give you.
Draenor wasn't so bad looking back. But I'm slow and I didn't understand the need for garrisons. I still don't. I'm still struggling to build up to level 3, I hate trying to level professions and having to wait 3 days for work orders. Why can't we just make foods or hexweave cloth like we always used to? What is the point of garrisons (and later on Order Halls, class campaigns, etc)? None of it makes sense to me.
Garrisons and Tanaan Jungle end game grind contributed to it sucking.
Content drought, alternate universe storyline, the end patch was old enough to have an anniversary of its own release.

Those're my reasons. If you can call BS on that, then by all means, hit me with it.
I don't hate it because it was only half an expansion. As you said, the quests, the zones, the music...all top-notch. There just wasn't enough of it and WoD takes a major hit because of that; not because of the content itself but because the people who made it straight up just...gave up on it, I guess.
WoD was bad, IMO, partially because it didn't matter. Nothing you did there mattered. It was an Alt Universe and an Alt Universe in the PAST.

To me, that's why Alt Velen dying didn't effect me one bit, because the real Velen is back home doing Priest stuff.

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