8/8H - 2/8M - LF Tanks/Dps

8/8H 2/8M - Australian - 7-10pm (NSW AEST/6-9pm QLD AEST) Weds/Thurs
Requiring Tanks/DPS for progression and to fatten our roster.
<NMB> is a guild that was created in 2012 and has frequently hit roster cap each expansion.
We previously were predominately PvP although most of our members were ex-hardcore or progressive members from Vanilla-Wotlk
We are a pretty fun Australian guild that try to keep a positive energy on raid nights.
Attendance issues due to people having real life commitments or changes - completely understandable and they are always welcome back for Heroic runs etc.
However, for Mythic progression we need to bolster our forces.
We often pug 2 for Mythic - although quick to realise when we would be wasting raider time due to comp.
If you are interested or just want a chat to see if you suit - please add me on B.Net tooki#1388 or discord Crit#8404
Off nights atm are alt Uldir normal/heroic runs - M+ and Rbgs with a lot of arena taking place as well.

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