Azerite Armor Emissary

Is it just me or have we not had Azerite armor emissary on NA in over a week. Seems odd compared to previous weeks. We've had an entire rotation of faction emissaries and nothing. Is this nerfed / bugged or just purely RNG?
Since we all get the same emissaries there really isn't enough data to properly tell if it is just random or if they are putting their "finger on the scale" every now and bumping the game to give us what they think we need.

We had several gear emissaries in a row last week. It is certainly not out of the realms of possibility that the latest streak is just RNG the other way.
the last one we had poped 2 days before the hotfix for gold/ap emissary rewards, and since then it's pretty much been all gold and ap with 1 crappy ring a couple day's ago so yea it seems bugged(so much for their brilliant idea to stop zazerite armor from being a barrier to advancement eh?)
Still no cache. I'm convinced this is bugged. Can we bring this to their attention, because it doesn't seem to be on their radar at all. I'm going to open a ticket.
I was just about to make a thread for this, I have a 370 Azerite chest that has the worst traits been looking to try an replace it for over a week. When I was 360 ilvl I got a bunch of 355 Azerite pieces from emissary but as soon as I can get 370 gear nothing
It's been 2 weeks or almost 2 weeks since we've seen one. Just FYI Horde had like 5 azerite armor emissaries last week :-)

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